Wife and mother duties

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EVE posted this 04 March 2019

In your household who does cooking , cleaning and taking care of kids?

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Jennifer posted this 18 June 2019

I do the cooking in the house. Me and my husband split the household duties. I do most of the work with the toddler as well(feeding, bath time, bed time). It is just what works for us. 

rachel posted this 17 June 2019

We don't have set things that each of us do, exactly (like I'm seeing some people say I cook and he does the dishes, for example). I stay home with our two year old, so during the day I do what I can in terms of housework. The toddler is very active, and now that I'm pregnant with number 2 and feeling exhausted and nauseous a lot of the time, I'm limited in what I can do. Typically I do most of the laundry and cooking, and some tidying/cleaning during the day. When my husband is home evenings and weekends we split things pretty evenly - one of us cooks and the other one does the dishes. One of us gives kiddo a bath while the other folds the laundry, etc. Looking at just childcare and other housework, I definitely do more of it overall, but that makes sense since I'm at home and he works full time. When you factor in his work hours, we really aim to keep everything even and I think we do a pretty good job of it.

Shana posted this 17 June 2019

My therapist actually talks about being a SAHM like it's a job.  Like when my husband gets home, he's off of work, but we are never actually off of work, we just get more help (or not).  I do almost everything, he is really into laundry lol so he helps with that, but I cook all the food, grocery shop, clean (he helps with this too if he notices something I've missed which is a lot of things tbh). 

Shout out to you all though bc we're clearly making the world go round, mamas

Erin posted this 14 June 2019

We share some of the responsibilities, though I do most of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. My husband takes care of outside chores, putting out the garbage, car stuff, etc., but I do pretty much everything else.

Tracy posted this 11 June 2019

I feel like I do around 80% of the household chores, while my husband does around 20%. We both work full-time, but when I get off work, I don't stop until my head hits the bed. His workday stops as soon as he clocks out. 

Andrea posted this 28 May 2019

My husband had a lot of personal stuff going on for the first few years of our marriage, so he didn't help with anything ever for those years.  We've done a lot of marriage work over the last year and a half and things are completely different now!  I really believe house duties should be shared in some capacity, but don't forget that things can change.   

AJ posted this 23 May 2019

I did it all and then asked for help because my SO is a grown adult too who needed to be responsible with me.

Jess posted this 22 May 2019

We split up the tasks...I do laundry, he does dishes, we both cook and clean.  He manages outdoor chores and I do the running around with the kids to their various activities.

Jane posted this 22 May 2019

I would love to stop teaching and just be a mom, so I almost look forward to an opportunity to do so.  But that is also troublesome that this I feel is my only option with the cost of living these days! Well depending on where you live.  But right now our chores are split, but I do more of the cooking because of his schedule.

Mickey posted this 22 May 2019

It's important for it to be discussed before or at least right after a baby is born.  Before sounds like it's best, but actually having a brief conversation about the MUSTS (child care and schedules how they will affect helping around the house) and then followed by seeing how the actual situation plays out, what the person needs, etc. might be beneficial.

Josie posted this 21 May 2019

My husband works later at least 4 days a week and comes home 730/8pm so those nights I am on my own for household chores, even on the days I work (family business so it's busy), etc. He didn't grow up doing much for himself, and he certainly CAN but because I am home more, I do most of it. 

Nancy posted this 20 May 2019

I do laundry, he does dishes. We split most things with the kids but I usually end up doing slightly more because he works longer than I do. I think it's all about communicating what you do and don't want to do the most and designating ahead of time who does what. 

Sara posted this 19 May 2019

We both take care of household tasks.  I do most of the laundry and cleaning, while my husband does the dishes and the outdoor chores.  We both work, so it's a balancing act, but we get it done!

Chelsea posted this 16 May 2019

I do it all! But I am a SAHM. But my husband handles a few choirs that I don't (maintenance for the car, trash, ironing)

Courtney posted this 16 May 2019

The traditional roles in my house are switched: my husband stays at home while I work full-time. I've let him know that by the time I'm done with a 10+ hour shift, I do not want to come home to have to wash dishes when he's been there all day. Plus as soon as I walk through the door, it's "mommy, do this!" and "mommy, do that!" so I really do not have the time nor the patience to trifle with housework. 

He does have a job during the summer, at which point his parents watch the kids and we both pitch-in around the house. Generally, whoever is home the most that day/week gets to do more housework. 

Allegra posted this 15 May 2019

i do everything on the dad I'm off. He does everything the two nights I work. Well dishes, and cleaning up after dinner anyways

Gabby posted this 15 May 2019

We both do it all, but I DO MORE.  I am home more and naturally do more of the daily.  But lately my husband will be the one to run to the grocery store on his way home from work.  I have finally started liking grocery shopping LESS just cause I know I can rely on him to consistently to do it and also everything just takes longer with a toddler.  But yeah, the debate on occasion - I really do more or have to balance out my time differently than he does since I work from home a lot.

Tanya posted this 15 May 2019

For looking after the kids and doing cooking, Both the parents do it..in the day time I cook, husband wants to cook for the evening.

hannah posted this 15 May 2019

We split things in my house! there is nothing set, we just do whatever we see hasn't been done and somehow we get everything done. 

Ella posted this 15 May 2019

I do it all! I did it all when I was working full-time, and I do it all now that I am a SAHM. I do ALL the cooking; no one else in my house can cook. I do most of the cleaning. The kids are assigned chores weekly, but their level of cleanliness is questionable most times. I take care of all three kids; 11, 9, and 13 months. Even though the two oldest are not mine, I take care of them 100% of the time. 

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