Who To Have In the Delivery Room

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Hannah posted this 15 January 2020

My mom and dad want to be in the delivery room when my baby is born and so do my in laws.  The thing is that I am fine with my parents, but not my in laws in there.  They are nice and we get along, but that's just my privacy.  What are your thoughts?

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Jessica posted this 20 January 2020

Oh my god, my mil just told my husband she wants to be in the room. I don't know what to do. I'm not that close to her and I'm barely in the mood for my own mother to be there. My husband's argument is it's her first grandchild and she would be a positive person to have. I just don't feel comfortable with all that is going on during those moments. 

Meg posted this 20 January 2020

Is this your first child? Honestly, I feel like its pretty gutsy to ask to be in the room. This is your labor and delivery so I say do what is best for you. If it is your first, you can just explain that you are already nervous about what it will be like, so you just want it with your mom, parents, whatever. I feel like any sane person (and woman who has give birth) would understand the personal decision that is. 

Char posted this 20 January 2020

I'm with Meg! Do what you feel is best. Don't feel pressured into something you do not want to do. Hopefully your MIL is kind and understands. 

Lyn posted this 20 January 2020

I read something really funny the other day.  ask your inlaws or husband to get naked in front of the family and take a shit, if they do it, they can be in room 

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Ruby posted this 20 January 2020

 Does your FIL REALLY want to see what he will see? I'm with Lyn, make them prove their worthiness to be in the room. haha

Christina posted this 24 March 2020

I just want my mom and my husband. I think it would be weird for anyone to ask to be in there. 

Nina posted this 24 March 2020

im an FTM and I only want me and my husband to be in the labor room. Luckily we live in a different state so my in-laws wont be present. But even if they were close, it wouldn't change my decision. 

Victoria posted this 27 March 2020

I only had my husband. I figured no parents at all so that everyone felt they were treated equally. 

cassie posted this 27 March 2020

Advocate for only who you feel comfortable with- It is your decision and ONLY your decision (NOT YOUR S.O.)