When did your toddler drop the nap?

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Kim posted this 18 December 2019

When did your toddlers drop the nap altogether? My three year old rarely naps unless in the car. If he doesn't nap he'll sleep for 12 hours at night so I'm not too worried but the end of the day can be rough.

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ELISE posted this 10 February 2020

My daughter stopped napping shortly after turning 2.  My son started skipping naps when he was about to turn 4.  He will be 5 next month and naps once in a while.  The end of the day is very rough with no nap

Monique posted this 19 February 2020

Hey there, my daughter had also dropped around 3 BUT our routine was basically non existent and there was not really set time for a nap. After insisting on it I finally got her napping again right when she turned 4, and it's been amazing! It took a few weeks to really get her back on it and it was very frustrating at times but when she saw that I was not going to let her leave the bed and we always went at the same time, she started napping again and it has been so rewarding! and yes, the end of the day is much better. They really should nap until  5 or 6 according to the AAP.

Kelly posted this 21 February 2020

My son refused a nap after 2 years old. It became an awful struggle. As long as he agreed to rest during the afternoon for an hour or so while watching tv on the couch, it ensured he had some down time. He'd also still fall asleep in the car, so I tried to make a lot of afternoon trips. 

Jessica posted this 21 February 2020

My son stopped napping before he started preschool, so at around age 3.