What video game consoles are kids using these days?

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Noelle posted this 16 October 2019

I'm showing my age, but I'm so out of touch with video games. My son is getting to that age where he's asking for a Switch (Soooo expensive considering he does not do a good job taking care of this things). So, what are the hot new toys? 

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Meg posted this 08 November 2019

PS4 in our house!

Mahlie posted this 09 November 2019

my nephews are obessed with PS4 and Xbox and Fortnight .. I'm relly not sure which ones are for what now haha

Jay posted this 09 November 2019

My son plays an Xbox one and my daughter has a Nintendo switch

Susan posted this 11 November 2019

I think they are all "cool" in their own ways.  Switch is for sure huge right now, but PS4 and Xbox are always hits.  It just depends on the type of games he likes to play.

Elena posted this 11 November 2019

My son has a few game consoles, but the one he always chooses to play is his PS4.

Mercedes posted this 11 November 2019

Same here, my daughter likes PS4 so that she can play fortnite with her friends.

Emily posted this 11 November 2019

Xbox one is pretty popular with my kids and their friends

Maddie posted this 11 November 2019

Xbox One my oldest he just turn 13, my youngest is really into Nintendo switch lite.  Also games on PC and Pad.  He doesn't realize yet that they are actually educational games haha. 

Hannah posted this 11 November 2019

My daughter's on a Nintendo switch

Derek posted this 11 November 2019


Mary posted this 12 November 2019

My son and daughter both love the Xbox over any other device.  

Becky posted this 18 November 2019

I am sorta anti video games but I guess I'll reconsider. Can use them as a reward sometimes... maybe...nah! I'm already paranoid of all the screen time from tablets and tv and try to keep it under 2 hours daily. No rush with video games then, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.