What type of birth do you want or had?

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Stacy posted this 24 August 2018

I had an emergency c-section. I am curious about home births...whether it be in one of those tubs or just in bed!

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Tonja posted this 05 November 2019

Hopng to avoid a c-section just bcuse im worried about recovery time and scared of surgey

Char posted this 05 November 2019

I had an emergency C-section with my first and for my second wanted to try for a vbac but my hospital would not allow it. 

We're in a new area now so hopefully they'll have more options for our next. 

Katy posted this 04 November 2019

I wanted a normal delivery my first time around but it didn't happen.  I ended up with a c-section and I had never even given it a thought until I had to have one.  It took me by total surprise! For my second pregnancy, I hope to deliver vaginally.

Michelle posted this 04 November 2019

This is my first and I'm definitely too nervous to go the home birth route, with not knowing how everything is going to go! I'm hoping for a vaginal delivery in our small hospital. 

Liz posted this 04 November 2019

I've been debating on having a home birth! I have a friend who has 3 kids - the two older ones she had in the hospital, but she ended up having a home birth for the third. She said the home birth was the best experience. I'm just a little nervous! I had a normal vaginal delivery with my daughter. Definitely considering a home birth this time around, if I can get past my fears anyways 😬 

Manda posted this 03 November 2019

We considered a birth center, but ended up having a hospital birth for my first. I had an unmedicated birth and we specifically chose a hospital that was very supportive of that. They are hard to find, but overall we had a pretty good experience. 

Madisyn posted this 22 July 2019

I wanted a natural water birth and thats what I did!! Painful, but an amazing experience.

Kaylie posted this 22 July 2019

I wanted a natural water birth at home but with having twins I had to get a c section.

Taylor posted this 22 July 2019

I wanted a vaginal birth with an epidural. I did get the epidural, but I had an emergency c section.

Jane posted this 21 July 2019

I had a vaginal delivery with an epidural. I was so thankful for the epidural. Props to the moms who can go through a delivery with no pain medication!

Anna posted this 06 July 2019

I had a natural vaginal birth, and no regrets! You definitely have to mentally prepared, and it certainly helps to be physically prepared as well. Thinking about it as similar to a marathon or a long climb to the peak of a mountain really helps. As long as everything is normal, thinking about it as "hard work" (yeah it hurts, but it's not gonna kill you, and the end result is worth it) versus "pain" (this is harmful to my body and I might not be ok after this) was SUPER helpful for me. Also reading up on natural birth stories, the birth process, and basically being as informed as possible really helped me have a good idea of what to expect. Having my second soon and definitely aiming for another natural birth!

Star posted this 06 July 2019

I had 2 unmedicated vaginal births. It was intense. But it's what I wanted. I didn't have any complications so I was very thankful my babies and myself were heathy and able to go through the process "naturally".

Julia posted this 13 May 2019

I've had two vaginal births with an epidural and plan to do the same with this baby. Labor lasted eight hours with my first and I slept through most of that time. My second- 16 hours in labor, with some back pain. Hopefully since this one is a boy it will be similar to my first labor (a boy).

sunshine posted this 12 May 2019

Well I wanted a normal one without any epidural...but once the contractions started I decided for the epidural and had a normal vaginal delivery. But then also had few stitches after that 

Misty posted this 12 May 2019

I see lots of "natural" and vaginal births here. Way to go ladies. So I represent the C-Section Mama's here! I delivered quadruplets and my MFM would not let me even attempt vaginal because she said the odds of everyone lining up and agreeing were so slim and she refused to make me endure both types of pain at once! I had hoped that my c-section would be scheduled but unfortunately, life had other plans and I went into labor unexpectedly. I delivered at 28 weeks and 5 days and had preclampsia when we went down to the OR. Thankfully, everyone did well and after 24 hours on magnesium, I got to go see my babies. It was almost a week later though, that I actually got to hold one of them!

Autumn posted this 09 May 2019

I had vaginal with an epidural.. They couldn't get me the epidural fast enough.

Grace posted this 09 May 2019

I'm so interested in water birth. I may look into it if my husband and I decide on a second. I had a vaginal birth with an epidural at the hospital. It wasn't a bad birth at all, but I'd like something more intimate and relaxing with my husband. I felt crowded and surrounded at the hospital. 

Ella posted this 06 May 2019

My first birth was a natural birth at a hospital, but planned for a birth center. I was transferred to the hospital because my water broke, and 16 hours surpassed and I was only 1 cm dilated. My next baby will be born at home, Lord willing. I was able to labor in water at the hospital, which was amazing! However, I couldn't birth in the water--labor only! I am hoping that the next baby will be a water birth!

Rebecca posted this 06 May 2019

Had a natural hospital birth with a doula! It was great! 

Roberta posted this 06 May 2019

I had a natural birth in the hospital, maybe feeling confident now for a home birth? 

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