What do I need for my hospital bag

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Steph posted this 10 February 2019

Alright ladies...I've got most of the obvious things figured out, but wondering if there is anything that you wished you had packed?

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Whit posted this 17 March 2020

We took a game to play during the early stages of labor (i was induced) and it made it a lot more fun! 

Olivia posted this 16 March 2020

Hair-ties, chapstick, lip balm, and your own pillow Extra pair of socks too

Shelby posted this 15 March 2020

Totally agree with the nursing nightgown.  I had two and wore them for a week.  And phone charger, definitely.  Sooooooo many people calling and FTing and texting.

Chrissy posted this 14 March 2020

Definitely get a nursing gown, whether you plan to nurse or not. They are so comfortable.  Think wrap around dress, but snuggly.  Slippers.  toothbrush and deodorant.  phone charger.  definitely pillow.

Millie posted this 11 December 2019

Adult diapers and your own pillow!

sarah posted this 08 December 2019

I've heard chapstick is. huge one! Also your own comfy clothes instead of a hospital gown 

Chloe posted this 25 September 2019


Amanda posted this 25 September 2019

I agree to the PP to bring your pillows from home! Yes, and hairbands. I loved that I brought in my own gown for after baby was born - I felt a little more presentable when visitors came.

Sadie posted this 10 June 2019

Make sure you pack hair-ties and chapstick, Also, bring all your nursing supplies(nursing gown, bra, pads). Be sure to pack flip flops to get up and walk around room, or to shower in. Be sure you bring a camera, or your phone to take lots of pictures with!

Carrie posted this 31 May 2019

Your own pillow!!! Theirs are so crunchy. I also had my own toiletries and blankets. 

Grace posted this 31 May 2019

SO happy I came across this, thank you!!! I've been wondering and some of these are things I just haven't thought of )

Mama posted this 31 May 2019

You might need the following: flip flops, nursing bra, soap/lotion.

Something inspirational too e.g. music, inspirational speeches, sermons (if you are a person of faith) etc

Erin posted this 31 May 2019

Lotion and chapstick. The hospital air is so dry.

Melissa posted this 31 May 2019

Definitely some snacks to munch on after your delivery, because you will be so hungry. I delivered quite late at night and there were not many options to go get some food....and I was so hungry ready to eat for 2 people...😄

Ella posted this 31 May 2019

Ah... let's see. I had tons of stuff: a folder with my birth plan and other items, a diffuser, Bluetooth speaker, robe, house shoes, nursing bra, cloth diapers, outfit for baby for pictures (swaddle set), warm outfit for baby to leave the hospital in, snacks (dark chocolate which is beneficial for recovery and Vega protein bars), clothes for me to wear out of the hospital, boppy pillow, toiletries. I think that's it!

Sammy posted this 30 May 2019

granny panties for sure!! loose, comfy clothing. Your own soap!! Deoderant. Snacks. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Your own music. Baby clothes duh 😁 

Amber posted this 11 February 2019

two tennis balls in case you get back labor. it allow someone to rub your baby without their hands getting tired.

May posted this 11 February 2019

I second the nursing pad and potentially your own granny panties, like cheap ones that you won't care if they get bloody, those mesh ones they give you in the hospital were so uncomfortable.  

Bojan posted this 10 February 2019

And maternity bras (no underwire) and nursing pads are very important (whether or not you plan to nurse, you’ll appreciate the support and leak protection).

Adelinda posted this 10 February 2019

Toiletries and personal items.

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