What degree or certificate are you working on?

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Laura posted this 25 August 2018

I am working on my 3rd and final degree, teaching. It has been a long few months. I have had a hard time balancing school, work and exerise, but I have a checklist and that helps. How do you get through it all??

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Sheila posted this 25 August 2018

I'm going to school online. It helps because since I stay home, I can do it all while the kids are in school. Easier to concentrate!

Felia posted this 25 August 2018

I'm doing online school as well! I am in school for Criminal Justice.

Heather posted this 25 August 2018

You go Mama's! I am not in school any longer... but I am that person that is forever wanting to learn. I LOVE being in school. I have a thirst for knowledge and want to suck up every little thing I can. 

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Jennifer posted this 25 August 2018

I am currently taking online classes for HR management. I love learning the psychology behind some of the hiring process. Its really been interesting! good luck to you ladies on your degrees!

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Kris posted this 25 August 2018

I have a degree in cosmetology but I am always taking continuing education to stay up to date on the latest trends and fashion. I like to do trendy styles so I have to stay on top of the trends. 

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Taylor posted this 25 August 2018

I also find that courses online are a great option! Between doctors appointments and various errands, it gives me a more flexible schedule and soon after baby is born I am sure it will be a great relief to be able to stay home

Lauren posted this 26 August 2018

I’m working on my BA in nursing. It’s a tough road with a baby, but I get to do most of the work at night online which is great and convenient. Unfortunately I have to sacrifice some sleep for it, but I just keep telling myself, it’ll be worth it for us! Get it ladies!

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Courtnee posted this 26 August 2018

I teach Preschool and I would like to teach public school (OR online) so I am doing a certification only program. I have one degree, so basically I am doing only the second part of a degree.

Hadiza posted this 26 August 2018

I am learning how to code...it is quite challenging. But i am determined to get to the end of it. I might take a long break after baby is born and continue when i get a breather. Wish me luck!

Jenifer posted this 28 August 2018

I'm also doing online school for a Bachelor's of Business degree. Doing online school has opened a lot more free time for me than traditional classes did. This way I have more time for exercise, family, etc. I would definitely check into doing online classes if you have the chance. 

Janet posted this 30 August 2018

I went to school online and finished my Associate's last year in Business - Business Administration. Nothing much out there for that. I have tossed the idea of going back to school but I really don't enjoy office work that much. What kind of jobs can you really have in Business Administration. It seems almost pointless but I have no idea what else I'd want to do. I need a fulfilling job and there are no Colleges or Universities in my area that cater to a working adult, which is why online is easier. Then your options are limited.

Alyssa posted this 01 September 2018

I'm a few credits shy of my bachelor's and trying to really put my head down and carry on. I took a year off after a health scare but I'm ready to finish up! I took full advantage of online classes since they're so flexible. Scheduling my classes around work, the baby, doctor's appointments, and my partner really wasn't feasible at the time.

Kristi posted this 02 September 2018

I'm finishing up a few courses toward a degree in social work.  It has always been a passion of mine and I should be completely finished up in December.  I plan to take about 3 months off before I start looking for a job in this field.  

Amy posted this 03 September 2018

I have my bachelor's in psychology and hope to start a master's program in family counseling after we have our next little one. 

Jessica posted this 03 September 2018

I am currently working on my psychology degree also. It's been a struggle at times to keep up with work, family, exercise, etc. But I get through it by being very organized and planning my day out very well before it starts. 

Pamela posted this 10 September 2018

Getting my bachelors degree in graphic design online and loving it! It is definitely challenging to juggle everything, but once I have my degree and can be a freelance stay at home mommy, it will all be worth it!