Twin Stroller

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Emily posted this 09 November 2019

Help! There are too many twin strollers out there. I need some advice. 

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Mar posted this 09 November 2019

SIl uses the side-by-side kind and she wishes she had the kind where one baby is in front of the other. Too hard to fit through some doorways. One thing she said was to check it out IN PERSON and not online because weight is everything. Get one that is really light because you have enough weight to sling around. She thinks she would have been happier with something like UPPABaby

Lynn posted this 10 November 2019

The ones in front of each other are definitely easier

Kathryn posted this 15 November 2019

It is expensive for sure, but the UPPABaby can fit two babies and its NOT side by side.  It works really well and you don't have to squeeze a double stroller through doors

Maddie posted this 15 November 2019

I had a side by side, it was a jogging stroller.  I didn't not like it but I didn't love it.  We ended up using a baby carrier and then one single stroller.  It was easier!

Sam posted this 15 November 2019

Side By Side Definitely!  I love my jogger but we live near the beach so it's great for that, it will literally go over rocks! 

Amelia posted this 21 November 2019

I don't have twins but I use the uppa baby stroller and they have a super nice twin stroller!