To induce or not to induce

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Jennifer posted this 17 January 2019

What are your thoughts on inducing instead of waiting?  My doctor is a big advocate of inducing.  She is a mother of 4, and for her 4th child, labor came early and fast and she was worried she wouldn't make it to the hospital on time.  She recommends inducing if the baby is 3 days past due date to "be on the safe side".  Of course, scheduling a delivery also makes HER life easier.  What do you all think?  Have you/would you induce?  I hear the pain is worse because of the medicine they give you?

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Monica posted this 07 November 2019

I had to be induced with my twins. It was incredibly intense and painful. I would not recommend if you can avoid it.

Liz posted this 06 November 2019

Induction is very intense. Naturally your body produces the hormones for contractions and also pain relief in spurts and when you're induced you're on a steady drip of artificial stuff. So when it hits it hits hard and doesn't let up. It's intense and I think the contractions were much much stronger than when I went into labor on my own. 

Jill posted this 05 November 2019

That's the first time I have ever heard a doctor advocating for inducing labor.  My doctor was actually against it.  He recommended walking when I went past due, but said he doesn't like to rush baby if they are not ready. 3 days past due is not that much. I went a week over.

Jessica posted this 05 November 2019

I have had three babies.  First came on due date but was big at 9lb 5oz.  Second was induced 4 days late and was also big at 9lbs 6oz.  Both first and second were in NICU for 5 days for low blood sugar.  Third was induced 3 days early and was a little smaller at 8lb 15 oz and he did not struggle with low blood sugar!  I did not find that inducing was more painful.  I actually prefer it so that the baby doesn't get too big!

Beth posted this 04 November 2019

I got induced with my daughter. It was painful, but being she is my first, I can't really compare that pain to a birth without being induced. Everyone is different. I've heard good stories about induction, as well as negative experiences. The best advice someone ever told me about it was to just be flexible Birth plans don't usually go exactly as you picture them happening. 

Michelle posted this 04 November 2019

I'm hoping to not have to get induced, but if my doctor recommends it, I'm not going to say no! I know there's significant risks with going way past your due date. 

Manda posted this 03 November 2019

I wouldn't induce personally, unless the baby was extremely late. But most doctors do it for convenience sake, and three days past the due date isn't really a big deal. 

Lacey posted this 08 February 2019

I was induced and I really didn't like it.  It was extremely painful.  I don't know if it was because of the medicines or what.  It was my first baby so I didn't know what contractions would feel like at all.  I personally think its pretty terrible if you feel like your ob is pushing you toward inducing for her own schedule.  Talk it over with your spouse!

Melody posted this 07 February 2019

I've always heard that its better to wait until you go into labor and let your body do it naturally!

Jennifer posted this 07 February 2019

I had my daughter induced and it was much more painful than when I had my son naturally. 

Kira posted this 30 January 2019

I say no to inducing.  In my group of friends and family anyone that has been induced always ends up with a c section.  Now, I understand that there are limits to how long you can have the baby in there and there is a time and place for this to be recommended.  I don't like the "you are 38 weeks so let's induce" theory. 

Christina posted this 28 January 2019

I had my first child naturally, and my second was induced. Honestly I found my pain levels to be way worse with my second.

Megan posted this 28 January 2019

I think it's going to be different for every woman/baby. 3 of mine came at 38-39 weeks and 1 came at 36 weeks Surprise! Your body knows what to do. Express your concerns to your doctor; if she's not willing to wait and insists on inducing, I would change doctors. 

Mary posted this 28 January 2019

I honestly am against it, most won't agree with me. Let baby cook as long as they need unless you're very over because then it can be complicated for mom and baby but if you're like 38 weeks.. let it ride out! 

Jayme posted this 18 January 2019

Personally I wanted all of mine to be natural, only needed induced once. 

Kahi posted this 18 January 2019

I liked the fact that everything was scheduled and i knew what was coming when I got induced 

Jackie posted this 17 January 2019

It’s so hard to say.. Personally i would rather go into labor on my own 

Maggie posted this 17 January 2019

I was scheduled to be induced but I ended up going into labor on my own that morning. 

Shannon posted this 17 January 2019

I was induced for my kids.  The first baby's induction was looooonnng and slow.  I think because it was my first baby, and my body didn't know what was going on, it just took longer for my body to get ready.  I went into the hospital the night prior, and had to get 2 rounds of the medicine they use to soften your cervix before they could even BEGIN to induce.  With my 2nd, I went in the morning of the induction instead, since I guess the doc knew my body would respond quicker.  And I was able to get a good night sleep at home.  For your first, I think you are safe to wait until labor happens naturally, unless there is a danger to mom or baby.