Timing of the second or third child

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Leigh posted this 16 April 2019

How did you space out your kids? Did it affect their relationship?

My sister and I are so close and we are 8 years apart. I want my kids to be closer together in age.

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Audrey posted this 16 April 2019

Me and my sister are only 3 years apart and we are close as can be meanwhile my brother is 9 years younger than me and sometimes i feel like he feels like an outcast. My two babies are only 2 years apart. I believe closer is better!

Janie posted this 16 April 2019

My children will be spaced out by about 5 years each.    I dont think it will matter regarding how close they will be. for instance. I have 2 brothers. 1 is 3 years younger than me and the other is 9 years young than me, growing  up I was closer ti the one that is 9 years younger than me because I helped my mom out with him alot.

as adults I am alot closer with the brother that is 3 years younger than me

I think it all depends on the family dynamic

olivia posted this 17 April 2019

its all just how comfortable you are and when you are ready again. Like Janie said its all just family dynamic so age gap shouldnt matter as long as they get along in their own ways.

user5 posted this 13 May 2019

I am ready to have another one as soon as possible! I definitely want my LO to have a PIC (partner in crime). I had two siblings growing up, but they were 12-13 years older than me. I mostly felt like an only child. There were definitely benefits, but I would have liked to have grown up with my siblings! Hubby and I are trying to wait until the right time to have our second. We want our finances to be in order, and we want to be in a bigger house. We also need to upgrade my vehicle to a minivan! 

Michelle posted this 15 May 2019

I am feeling pressure to have a 2nd one.  I want to, but it's more about feeling our household works with a 2nd child.  Well, that sounds silly of course it will work.  But truly it's about childcare, our health and energy, and work situations.  But do we want another one? Yes. The age difference would only be about 2.5 years and that is not a big deal at all, but we live in a society where we are made to think (depending) that age difference matters.  It's just different.  Different outcomes.  That is all. 

hannah posted this 15 May 2019

I am almost 3 years apart from my sibling and so is my husband to his, we think its a perfect gap!

carmen posted this 15 May 2019

Between my 1st and 2nd they at 2.5 years apart. With my 2nd and 3rd they are 8months apart. Baby 3 wasn’t planned I want all of my kids to be 2-3 years apart. but all things happen for a reason ☺️

Lydia posted this 03 June 2019

I have siblings who are 11 and 10 years older than me, and they half raised me. I loved it as a child, but when they left for college, we all drifted apart and I hated being on my own. My kids are only 22 months apart. I love that you were so close to your sister even though she's a good bit older! I think it depends more on the personalities and the parents encouragement than it actually depends on the timing

Robin posted this 03 June 2019

I think 2-3 years is perfect because thats close enough to be interested in some of the same things.

Raine posted this 06 July 2019

Mine are 18 months apart. Not by choice it just ended up happening that way. I am happy they are close in age. I think 2-3 is a nice break for your body yet close enough to enjoy the same interests.

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Mary posted this 10 July 2019

I had my 2nd really close to the 1st. Wasn't planned, but I viewed it as - now they are both here. It's that they were planned for me, but I controlled or didn't control when? At least that is how I looked at it. 

Maggie posted this 18 September 2019

I also have many years between me and my siblings (9 and 11 years older than me).  I have always been a little sad that I haven't been closer to them.  I have three children and they are all about 2 years apart.  I really like the spacing because its far enough apart that I can recover a little bit, but also they are the best of friends and it is so sweet!

Sarah posted this 18 September 2019

My goal is 2-2.5 years apart. I read 3 years is the perfect gap as they are finally more self-sufficient.

Teresa posted this 18 September 2019

My children will be 2 1/2 years apart. It gave me just enough time to recover and bond with my first born  

Noelle posted this 13 October 2019

I think what will really make a bigger difference in the long run (maybe not through the toddler years) is how you encourage their sibling relationship. Mine are a few years apart, but it took me a lot longer to get pregnant with my youngest than I'd anticipated. The toddler/not-toddler difference was the worst, but as they got older, it got better.

My oldest was also old enough to really feel the difference in his one-on-one time with me. 

olivia posted this 13 October 2019

My kids are 2 years apart,and Ideally I'd love to have my third in 1-2 years also! I never had any siblings, so my husband and I want a large family and everyone is close in age!

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isabella posted this 13 October 2019

Mine are 2 years apart, and I think whatever your comfortable with is what is ideal.  Just alwsys encourage play time together.