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Eloise posted this 15 February 2020

Does anyone have a spouse who travels for work? Not necessarily military-y'all are the real heroes-but just a husband who travels throughout the year? What are some of your struggles? What do you do to make the travel easier on your kids?

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Heather posted this 16 February 2020

My husband travels a lot. To be honest, I employ a lot of help from my family so that I can cook, clean, and feel supported while he's away. I also do special activities to take his mind off the absence (Disney on Ice, regular trips to the movies, water park resorts, etc.).

Jilly posted this 16 February 2020

It's all about the tribe you build around you. I do it all alone but have a wonderful support system with family. I need to build more friends though. We use a lot of Facetime and play video games on xbox to feel connected. You can even watch movies together on Facetime. haha We've done it all. Keeping the communications open is hard and trust. He works with models. I have a hard time trusting even though I have no reason to worry. Keep your main relationship pillars open. 

Gina posted this 18 February 2020

I couldn't imagine my spouse being away for a long time. I love that mine is home each night helping with homework and cooking dinner.  I would make the time that dad was home, if he is up for it, super special. 

Annie posted this 18 February 2020

My girlfriend travels all the time for work. Not sure how that's going to work for our child. I'm at 6 weeks with our first.