Sleeping with baby in bed?

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Diane posted this 19 June 2019

Personal opinions on bed sharing with baby?

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Sucre posted this 23 September 2019

It's not my preference but there are times where I've shared a bed with my kids. It's definitely not ideal when they are tiny and little  and you are a sleep deprived mess making tough decisions. However, when they are 12 months and up it's not so worrisome.

Amanda posted this 20 September 2019

It's something that works well for our family

Ashley posted this 19 September 2019

I think the research is pretty divided right now as to the safety of bed sharing with babies.  I think it depends on your situation.  I try to keep the baby in his own bed/bassinet.  But I also know that I will sometimes fall asleep when I'm nursing laying down in bed.  I'm a light sleeper and trust myself to wake if there's a problem.  But it is so scary because it only takes one time for there to be a problem.

Sarah posted this 18 September 2019

I think it definitely depends on the person.  We do not allow it, my kids have tried multiple times.  But each time we go into their rooms, where we lay with them or sit with them for awhile.  They are just not allowed to come into our bed at night.  

Marie posted this 18 September 2019

I am not a fan of it just because there is always a way for suffocation to occur. I am petrified I'll fall alseep holding her and suffocate her. However to each their own. I would suggest though if you are going to co-sleep maybe get an owlet or a snuza because it will alert you if the baby stops breathing and you'll wake up.

Natalie posted this 17 September 2019

We do. My arm is under baby to protect her and kept high above the covers. If my arm isnt under her, my hubby scoots down in bed so that she is above his head.

Sarah posted this 08 September 2019

In my situation, I bought a snuggle nest co-sleeper to go in our bed with us. However, my only reasoning for doing this was because my son had severe reflux and colic. For 4 long months he only slept in 15 minute intervals every 2 hours until getting the co-sleeper. He then slowly started sleeping longer hours and now at 1 year sleeps all night in his own bed in his own room with no problems at all.  

Cara posted this 31 August 2019

Before my daughter was born, I wasn't planning on co-sleeping because I just didn't feel like it was safe. Then, she wanted nothing to do with her crib and it was the only way I could get any sleep! So she's slept with us since day one pretty much. I think there are precautions you have to take when they're very little, but as she got older I worried about it a lot less. 

Fina posted this 28 August 2019

We used a bassinet and then just transferred baby to crib about a week ago. It was hard, but we are all sleeping better now.

Sandra posted this 28 August 2019

We use a dock a tot to co sleep. It works well.

gerry posted this 28 August 2019

i did with my second baby, i think it is ok if you are safe about it. For example, if you are not a heavy sleeper and are not on any medications that cause extra drowsiness etc

Grace posted this 23 August 2019

We co slept with all of our babies. I was nursing,so i felt like it was alot easier,i also felt like i was keeping my babies safe. 

Sophia posted this 23 August 2019

I did not with my first. Would have been way too nervous. I have with my second because he had RSV when he was 3 weeks old and slept better on his belly on my chest and never got away from him. He's 9 months - moving to own room soon.

Melody posted this 22 August 2019

I have a newborn baby boy. He is 5 days old and I've slept with him since day one. I'm too paranoid to put him in his crib because of fear of SIDS. The down-side is my lack of sleep because I keep checking in on him, but at the same time I think either way I would have lack of sleep from having to get up to check on him. Everybody is different, just do what you think is safest for your baby. That's what I'm doing, even though I know there are risks but I still feel he's safer next to me because there's risks either way. 

I was the same way with my second and third. I felt like they were safer with me. 

Rachel posted this 21 August 2019

We use the dockatot to cosleep during naps and a bassinet next to the bed at night!

Kat posted this 21 August 2019

I think bed sharing at a safe age is totally fine. Research has shown that it does not have negative effects. It actually make your child more trusting and independent based on studies. If you want to share your bed with your children go for it. You will be wishing you could have those moments back when they get older. 

I totally agree Heather

I think if anything, it increases the Mom and child bond.  They definitely cry alot less, or they did in my case.

Kat posted this 21 August 2019

I am 900% positive that my husband would roll over and suffocate my kids, so I haven't done it.  Also, I realized I need my space (because sometimes I think he'll roll over and suffocate me too haha).   I don't think there is anything wrong with it if it works for your family.

I agree Jill,

I think you have to do whats best for your family. In many cultures, kids don co sleep.

Kat posted this 21 August 2019

I would research "safe co-sleeping". There are ways to do it safely! 

This is a wonderful idea! There are many pros and cons to both, however at the end of the day, you have to do whats best for you and the baby.  I did not co sleep with my first child, but i DID  with my second. I feel as long as your mattress is firm, you can definitly do it with one of those co sleepers.  That would have been helpful with my second child.  

Mckayla posted this 21 August 2019

I made the decision once my baby boy was born. I was hesitant and against it at first because of the risk of rolling over and suffocating him or him not being in a good sleep position, but in the hospital he fell asleep on me multiple times whether when we were breastfeeding or I was holding him and was just too exhausted. The nurses would come in and ask if I wanted them to put him in his bassinet. 

Doing it in the hospital made it more appealing once I got home and sleep was rare. He mainly sleeps in his cradle beside my bed, but occasionally we will fall asleep with him on my chest or beside me ( not up against me ). At one point, his stomach was upset and this was the only way I could get him to calm down and sleep, every time I would move him into his cradle he would wake up. We got 5 hours of sleep and he is completely healthy. That being said, he does not do the same with his dad who is a VERY heavy sleeper and would roll without being aware. 

Amanda posted this 21 August 2019

Depends how old, I guess? We were against it. But now my daughter is two with night terrors and she comes into our room every night. Ah, we dont want to make a bad habit out of it but she's afraid. It's up to you. Sometimes you find that you sleep better with them in bed, especially if they're young. Anything to keep your sanity I think. you do what's best for you. Your pediatrician might advice you against it, but talk to them and see if they can recommend a safer way to do it. 

I agree,it depends on the situation, child, your personal preferences.  All of my babies slept with me well into their toddler years,but since I was breastfeeding, that is what was best for us.  

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