Should we move to a bigger home to accomodate the kids?

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Sam posted this 14 November 2019

My husband and I are thinking about moving to a larger home - our kids are 7 and 4.5.  The problem is that with that comes more expenses.  How did you come to the decision to stay in your smaller home and how did you accomodate for the little space you had with growing children?

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Teresa posted this 19 November 2019

I live in a larger home, first one was average - 3 growing kids.  But we could totally live with a lot less. 

Sylvia posted this 19 November 2019

We definitely grew out of our first home after we had our son. Now we are in a bigger home and moving here allowed him to master stairs and use multiple bathrooms (our first home was TINY). There is more for me to clean, but it's nice that he has more space. BUT I don't think that is required. Kids are happy in any home that is a happy home

Leigh posted this 19 November 2019

I'm glad we are in a bigger home now but we stayed in a more moderate sized house for a while and did a little remodeling and just saved where we could. 

A bigger home is more expensive but a more energy efficient home can mitigate costs. Basically we prayed, saved a bit of money, remodeled where we could with plans to sell, kept praying and then moved when opportunity presented itself.

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