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Teresa posted this 16 July 2019

Did you always take your kids out to restaurants from an early age or waited til they got older?

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Derek posted this 06 November 2019

I manage a restaurant and I really like eating out eating at home has gotten way To inconvenient I and time consuming I think that eating out has a lot of advantages....

N posted this 05 November 2019

Kids can act crazy in public, and it seems like restaurant outings have turned into more of a date night for daddy and me. 

Jen posted this 05 November 2019

The bigger our family gets, the more it becomes convenient to stay home.  Our babies were usually good in public although I remember a couple times that I wanted to crawl under the table.  It is getting too expensive to take our large family out though.

Susi posted this 25 September 2019

I would stick to family friends venues but I don't see why anyone should wait to take the kiddos out in public. Young or not! 

Kelly posted this 25 September 2019

I have always taken my kids out, I feel like they should get use to doing things.  But with that being said, I'm not taking them to a super nice place as a baby or toddler. 

Sasha posted this 31 August 2019

My husband loves to go out to eat, but I like to budget so we only go out once in a while. I hated taking my son to the restaurant because he would not sit still and he loved to scream. No thank you. Dinners at home were just fine with me.

Kylie posted this 06 August 2019

I rarely ever go out to eat at a restaurant. My children do not like to sit still, they get antsy and it becomes distracting to other guests. So I normally order out and eat at home. 

Madi posted this 06 August 2019

We focus on kid friendly restaurants, or restaurants that tended to be louder so that our babe was not the only noise lol 

Adrian posted this 06 August 2019

Infants are super easy to take along! But yes, toddler stage gets harder. Really helpful to have a busy bag or book or some sort of entertainment  for toddlers who can focus longer than 2 seconds on something. We take ours along, but we also try to take a nice date night out by ourselves when possible!

Alice posted this 03 August 2019

When they were in the infant stage, it was pretty easy to cart them around, but with both of mine, we hit a toddler stage where it was agony to go out. My daughter is right there now. All she wants to do is run off and run around and jump, which isn't conducive to sitting in a crowded place with other people. 

Kenzie posted this 03 August 2019

We definitely take our daughter along (3), but we also are a bit choosy about where we go - we aren't going to take her to a super fancy restaurant at the moment  

I think it can really help with social skills, learning that different places have different rules, and learning self control. Obviously if they are really anxious or have other issues that would make it a HUGE deal and a big stress on them, I'd wait a while. 

Tina posted this 31 July 2019

I will bring mine with me! It is a good time for them to learn how to interact with others. They can’t learn to be social and appropriate if they don’t have the chance. Unless it is a date night or something.

Joanna posted this 20 July 2019

We generally bring my daughter places, it was so much easier when she was an infant, but now she's a toddler and gets bored super fast, when she isn't eating that is. I just make sure to bring something for her to read and a couple snacks if she isn't eating a whole meal out. I admit it's more stressful with her there but not impossible to bring along.

Sam posted this 18 July 2019

From experience with my kids, I think it takes seeing what level they are on socially. For example, my three year old was more well behaved than my five year old for a solid year. We decided to take them out, but made it an example of how good his brother was being in regards to him! It is also an easier way to teach lessons and be able to get them comfortable around that many people. Therefore, I would pick and choose depending on the time of the day, the restaurant, and how many people were in our group.

Ruby posted this 17 July 2019

My daughter is only 5 months so she isn't a hassle. All I do is take her bottle and feed her when she wakes up since shes usually asleep from the car ride. They have booster seats and things for carseats.