Raising Vegan Kids

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Alyssa posted this 18 July 2019

Did anyone raise their children vegan? Did you get a lot of negative comments about your choice to do so?

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Sara posted this 13 May 2020

Yes, got a lot of negative comments. So we keep low profile.

Rainy posted this 05 May 2020

I think if you're already a vegan it will be much simpler as the kids will just learn from what you do. If you're trying to make the switch while being a parent that could be much more challenging. We're not vegan but kudos to you for going that route!

Kristy posted this 28 February 2020

It's definitely a personal choice, though I'd say if your child isn't receptive to alternative protein or vegetables yet you might want to consider raising them as vegans once their palate expands. As long as they eat plenty of beans, fiber, and don't overdo it on carbs it should be fine. I've had friends that have raised vegan children successfully, just be prepared to compromise if the nutritional needs aren't being met.

Maggie posted this 20 February 2020

I raised vegan kids. Kind of, I'm a vegan and my husband is not. Our kids go between vegan and normal diet. I allow them to decide what they want to eat. It seems they eat fairly healthy. They will eat tofu, pick fresh fruit or vegetables compared to processed food. I have one who eats exactly like her dad, loves meat. I have one who eats like me, she's mostly a vegetarian.  

Mara posted this 19 February 2020

I'm vegan and plan on raising vegans. Non-vegans have a hard time understanding what I eat... everyone thinks I eat berries and nuts. I think rasing children with veggies and fruits provide a lifetime of good eating habits. My husband is very much a meat eater... so I'm sure the kids will find meat occasionally. When they are old enough they can decide to eat moms garbanzo bean tacos or dads meat tacos.

Candy posted this 18 February 2020

I agree with BJ-kids need meat/meat products for their bodies to develop correctly.

BJ posted this 18 February 2020

We don't eat vegan intentionally, because kids need cholesterol to help form their brains and hormones correctly. But, we do eat veggie heavy most of the time. My friend's family is vegan, and unless the topic comes up, we don't talk about it. Her MIL gives her all the grief, though.

Tulip posted this 31 October 2019

I'm vegetarian and  I have family that eats meat and I encourage them to choose the highest quality meat available. I'm surprised at all the flack and hostility that vegans catch. As a nation we have health and obesity issues even among children simply because of dietary choices. They say we are nutrient deficient by choice because of all the convenience foods.

Great sources of plant protein: green peas, beans, lentils, oatmeal. quinoa, nuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds, tofu, soy milk, farroh, tempeh. I could go on and on. 

Mary posted this 31 October 2019

When I had my first 2 children, I was health concious but definitely not like how I am now.  What different decisions will I make when it comes to feeding my 3rd child, since it's been 8 years?  Do kids really need to be vegan? Should they not be exposed to a little bit of everything?

Hazel posted this 17 October 2019

We aren't vegan, but it's not uncommon for us to eat vegan and vegetarian meals simply because mine isn't a big meat eater. As long as they're getting the right amount of protein, and any other minerals they would be getting from dairy, that's really between you and your pediatrician. Unless it becomes a health issue/risk, you do you. 

Yulianna posted this 28 July 2019

I am not personally vegan but really respect anyone that is. I wish I had the will to do it. Just make sure you are discussing it with your children’s doctor and making sure you are supplementing anytime nutrients that they would be missing out on. 

Jeannie posted this 25 July 2019

We got a lot of negative comments yet realized this was our family and our kids! Keep strong even though people will always hate!

Marissa posted this 20 July 2019

I think as long as you feel good about your lifestyle, people should respect that you're doing the best you can with what you believe. I know there's lots of plant based proteins out there and it seems that this knowledge is becoming more available with each passing year.

June posted this 20 July 2019

That is what we're planning to do. Joking comments have been made, and my OB seemed to not like that I was vegan when I was pregnant, but jokes aside our family accepts it. I'm sure they expected it because I was vegan for years before getting pregnant and it's something they know I'm very passionate about.

Angela posted this 19 July 2019

We live a vegan lifestyle, and the only people we really get negative comments from is my mother in law. She thinks being vegan is just a trend so it's frustrating whenever it comes up in conversation. But as long as you know you're doing what's right for you and your family, that's all that you can do.

Ruth posted this 18 July 2019

I haven't raised my kids strictly vegan per-say, but that's mostly the lifestyle we live at home. My husband was concerned with his cholesterol levels so we've switch to a plant based diet and removing meat and dairy. Some family members have given us some flack for not making/serving my kids meat, but I just tell them they get all the protein they need and everything else from our diet and food choices. With that being said, my oldest child has had the occasional hot dog here and there when out with my sister and that's fine, but we just don't eat it at home.