Public School or Home school?

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sarah posted this 31 August 2018

With everything going on in this world, im a little afraid to put my son in a public school and private school is so expensive. Any thoughts if I should home school or not?

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Nancy posted this 31 August 2018

It’s up to you. Homeschooling is hard work. A lot of planning and discipline. Find a great group to be a part of and it makes it a lot more fun. Some public schools depending on your state will let you do both. Get to know your school system too. Be involved so you know what’s going on and what they’re learning. You can always make changes if you need to. Your decision about education is not permanent. 

Kary posted this 31 August 2018

I agree with Nancy.  I have a friend that homeshcools her 4 kids and she loves it.  They have a great support group of other familes that homeshool their children and at least once a month they have field trips with the other groups and they are always meeting up for play dates, library time, etc...

It is a lot of hard work and discipline on your part (staying focused and to task) but you can do it.  It is definitely a great option if you are not a fan of your public schools and dont want to pay for a private school education.  Just do your research and see what your state has to offer for support and materials for homeschooling. 


Danielle posted this 31 August 2018

Yeah homeschooling is very hard work but there are pros and cons to both. Like I truly believe home schooled children are much more sheltered (obviously) and their social skills will seriously lack. I went to a private school but there were not many kids in my grade either, about 10 each year. I still to this day struggle with trying to make new friends because I have terrible social skills and I know it's from not being able to interact with so many people and being more sheltered. But I agree this world is getting scarier by the day and I worry every day he goes to school, or even anywhere.

Linda posted this 31 August 2018

There are actually virtual/ online school for all ages. Our public school has a virtual school they call it. But the kids can go online and watch the mentor sessions and then do the assigned homework and turn it in. So if someone feels like their child needs to be "home schooled" or if they just struggle in school for whatever reason then that option is there. I am not sure how many people take advantage of it and I don't know anyone who has kids go there but it does seem really appealing. Especially if you don't feel comfortable giving the lessons yourself. That might be something to look into!

Erica posted this 31 August 2018

I have heard great things about home school! I think it comes down to what you feel most comfortable doing for your child.. Yes, the world is dangerous now, it is sad we have to think about things we should never have to.

Katherine posted this 01 September 2018

A lot of things weigh into the decision. Are you in a good school district? What options do you have in your area? Do you have the time to devote to homeschooling? 

My daughter is five and entering public kindergarten. We live in a nice district and I'm very comfortable with her school/teachers. You can always request a tour to ask specific questions if you're concerned about curriculum, safety, etc. 

Alyssa posted this 01 September 2018

It's a super personal choice but think about what is most important to you and most feasible for you. How is your local school system? Do you have the ability to give your child the best education possible? Are there any online schools available? How will you ensure your child gets proper socialization with children their age? I would make an honest assessment and go from there. 

Maya posted this 01 September 2018

I moved to my town because of the school system so my children attend public school. I love their teachers, I love their administration, and safety is a top priority there. You are your child's biggest advocate and protector. If you have concerns, request a meeting with the school for a tour or interview. There's no harm in looking out for your family.

Love posted this 06 September 2018

My son is still 2 but I would love to hear your thoughts about this issue. Im just scared of how unsafe is some school nowadays. 

Heide posted this 07 September 2018

My cousin's kids are homeschooled and it seem's to be working pretty good for them

Heide posted this 07 September 2018

My son is still 2 but I would love to hear your thoughts about this issue. Im just scared of how unsafe is some school nowadays. 

Same here

Jen posted this 07 September 2018

I don't think homeschool kids being sheltered is really a thing anymore. There are SOOOO many options to get out and be with other people that I find homeschool families actually tend to be so busy they have to say NO to some things. Of course...I suppose the kids can still be sheltered if the parents CHOOSE to never get out...but the opportunities are absolutely there for families who want to homeschool and fear that their kids will have bad social skills. Kids learning from other kids on how to socialize isn't really their best teacher anyway...adults are better teachers on socialization....imho.

Ally posted this 10 September 2018

Homeschooling is great in todays society. Its always going to be a personal choice, but when you have so many options and support groups, its a lot easier. And as they get older you can kind of let them decide where they want to be and what works best for them as a student. 

Lauren posted this 17 September 2018

Homeschooling is so much different than it used to be! The options are truly overwhelmingly endless! There are sooo many groups one can get involved in! I agree with Jen! Homeschooling families have to say no more times than not because there just isn't enough time in the day to do it all! There is so much freedom in picking and choosing how you want to homeschool and with what program, etc..

Kelly posted this 18 September 2018

Thank you for all of your opinions, I have been contemplating homeschooling or not for a long time now. I would like to try it until my child tells me they want to do otherwise. I know homeschooling is so much more advanced now and I'd love to have that time with my child. 

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Jackie posted this 5 weeks ago

We homeschool. Best decision we ever made! I'm so thankful! It can be hard at times but the benefits are so worth it! And currently speaking, one of the benefits is to be able to help out family when we can! And that's just what we are doing right now! We packed up what we needed for school, and headed 2 hours north to help out with my grandpa while my grandma recovers from triple bypass. 

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Michelle posted this 3 weeks ago

Homeschooling has it's perks, but so does public/private school. I love the flexibility of homeschooling and I can ensure what my child will be learning. One of the perks of public or private school is your child getting the social interaction that is needed to develop. With homeschooling this can be remedied by setting up a lot of play time with other kids. 

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Joann posted this 2 weeks ago

I like the idea of homeschooling. There is so much flexibility. You also know exactly what your child is learning. Plus, you avoid all of the germs and sickness in public school. 

Hannah posted this 2 weeks ago

I think I will choose public school and maybe private school if we can afford it at the time. I just think it helps with social interaction, etc. 

Thamyr posted this 5 days ago

I like the idea of homeschooling. Kids spend the majority of their time under the influence of the education system all the way until they are adults. A lot of young adults now are realizing that are truly not prepared for the "real world" and have learned nothing from their parents. If homeschooling is something you can do, I believe it would be a great bonding experience for both you and your child and hopefully their learn a lot from you besides the standard curriculum. 

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