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Erin posted this 24 June 2019

I just want to be as a candid as possible for all mommas feeling this way. There should be more attention around mommas mental health after giving birth. I hated the first 6 months of it all. I was so upset at myself for having my baby and thought of all the millon ways I can run away. I ended up getting treated with a therapist and a psych and my life turned upside down in all the best ways. Any mommas in the same boat, ask for help! pls pls pls pls <3 

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Angelica posted this 25 June 2019

I had similar issues. It was my husband who helped me shake the shame I was feeling and helped me get help.

Rosa posted this 29 June 2019

amen to that! It's not talked about often 

Melissa posted this 29 June 2019

Thanks for sharing, this subject can be so taboo, even though it's really very common. Unfortunately, we there is so much stress on new parents and so little support for mental health!

Josie posted this 10 July 2019

Yes, couldn't agree more.  Even just checking in when you might not think there is anything to say.  Our lives move so quickly each and every day.  There has GOT to be something to talk about, engage in. 

Destiny posted this 10 July 2019

My boyfriend has really helped me through a lot of my PPD. I had my son a little after I turned 18 and I thought that I wasn't going to be able to do anything with my life. I was ashamed of having a baby at such a young age, and I was so emotional and Now he's 8 months and I feel great. My fiancé and I struggle with out relationship sometimes so I think we should see a marriage counselor before we get married, but I cant forget how much he was there for me those first couple of months.

June posted this 20 July 2019

I'm currently struggling with it myself, it feels like I should've done so many other things by now to give my daughter a better life. We can afford everything she needs and shes loved all around, I just feel like I should've had a career first.

Layla posted this 20 July 2019

It's important to have a good support system when dealing with PPD.

Kenzie posted this 22 July 2019

Its a struggle to try to love yourself again after having a baby, but self care is so important, in this time especially!

Lily posted this 23 July 2019

Was most definitely in the same boat! You learn to do what you have to do for yourself! If it takes an hour long bath or an hour long therapy session, that is what you need to do. Self Care

Emily posted this 23 July 2019

Agreed, no new mom should feel ashamed or resist getting help.  It is perfectly normal and treatable - take care of yourself and it will help you to take better care of your littles.

Taylor posted this 24 July 2019

Please find some light and get the help or reassurance ( I like to put it that way) that you need. This is so important for new moms going through PPD. It's something that is underseen as a common experience and happens to a ton of woman!

Meagan posted this 25 July 2019

I had horrible anxiety after I had my son-he is 6 now and its manageable but it never really went away after my pregnancy/delivery like I had hoped it would 

Megan posted this 25 July 2019

I would recommend trying to push yourself to more activities for yourself: reading, yoga, just finding that inner peace if you can push yourself to do it. I keep myself distracted with multiple fitness classes to get away from the ppd.

Jeannie posted this 25 July 2019

I struggled with PPD and it was so rough. The anxiety and just will to do nothing kept me down. I finally began to speak with a therapist.

Nicolette posted this 01 October 2019

Absolutely! It can be SO isolating after having a baby! 

Bethany posted this 01 October 2019

The stigma on mental health and moms is unreal. We need to talk about this more often and everyone needs to know its ok to be not be ok.

sarah posted this 08 December 2019

I am worried to experience this for sure after baby!