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Mar posted this 09 November 2019

We want to adopt a dog but are a little worried about how a shelter dog might be around the kids. Any tips?

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Em posted this 09 November 2019

This is a tricky one. How old are your kids? If old enough treat them to be respectful around dogs. Ask the shelter if you can bring the kids to meet the dog. If a baby, be sure to close the door at night. Introduce them slowly. Ask the vet for signs the dog may be aggressive.

Satin posted this 09 November 2019

I have a puppy and I found him on the side of the road and took him home. After I got him cleaned up and everything and comfortable in the house he does great with the baby

N posted this 09 November 2019

Ask vets about breeds and their tendencies

Sun posted this 09 November 2019

If there are babies involved, put on the breaks until they are at least toddler age. Otherwise, after you pick a dog take it to the vet, they can also do a general evaluation for aggression.

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Mary posted this 12 November 2019

I think it all depends on the situation, you will just need to introduce everyone slowly.  Make sure your child knows the dog isn't like a stuff animal and slowly introduce the dog to the child.  Maybe have the dog sleep with the child's clothing so the dog gets use to the child's scent. 

Katherine posted this 12 November 2019

Most places will allow you to spend time with the dog before adopting, maybe even fostering. If you aren't allowed to foster I would bring your kids to allow see the interaction before you are adopting. Also, the adoption agency may know about the history or interactions of the dog. 

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Anne posted this 12 November 2019

That can be hard! We had a bad experience doing that a couple of years ago, but I do know some friends who had good luck with it. I'd see what the shelters policy is (if you can foster/try it out first, etc). 

Tonja posted this 12 November 2019

I think it depends on kids ages and the age of dog too sometimes. My family has always had pets and have adopted. You could check with your local shelter and find out if you can go and volunteer with your kids for a couple hours or another way to get to see how your kids could interact with the animals. If they're old enough that is. If they're younger i think it is just a matter of raising them around animals and teaching them along the way as you would anything else, just cautiously with when they're interacting.

Charlotte posted this 13 November 2019

Our dog is a german shepard and was a bait dog we rescued her from the shelter.  She was more afraid of us then we were of her.  Shes been with us for over 4 years <3 and is the best dog ever.  I am so happy we decided not to pass her up. 

Tina posted this 13 November 2019

Always adopt! If you can They need good homes too.  Also if you have children the shelter will make sure your family meets with the dog before adopting him/her out. 

Jess posted this 15 November 2019

Me and my husband we have a part pit bull that he adopted from the shelter and he's about 2 years old and he's a loving dog he's great with children and loveable ..

Sadie posted this 17 November 2019

Bring your child to the shelter and see the initial reaction. I am sure the folks at the shelter can give you some tips too since they know the dog best. If you do decide to adopt, I would bring one of the baby's clothing items (or something that smells of the baby) to the shelter so the dog can sleep with it. A familiar smell will help the dog relax when s/he is around the baby.

Mary posted this 18 December 2019

I think it is so important for kids to have pets, teaches them so many lessons. I just think you need to be careful with what type of pet you get. 

Polyana posted this 24 February 2020

You have to be very cautious with shelter pups and see if the shelter can provide as much information on the pup as possible. We adopted a beautiful Siberian Husky, but she was definitely a piece of work. After about a year of training her and sending her to 2 professional training programs, she became the sweetest, most obedient pup-- unless she broke loose from the backyard. Another issue with her was that she missed her socialization phase (we were told by one of the trainers), so she hated other dogs and was very territorial-- as most huskies are. Getting a shelter pup is definitely a loving thing to do, as these pups need a home more than anything, but do your research on the breed  you select and try to get as much background info as possible from the shelter or any previous owners-- if possible.

Olivia posted this 24 February 2020

Definitely discuss the fact that you have a young baby with the shelter before they show you any dogs. They usually know which animals are good around kids. It also would help to bring your kids with you to the shelter to visit so you can see their demeanor. It's always a risk but usually they will let you bring a dog back if it doesn't work out.

Harlisha posted this 26 February 2020

You may want to wait until your little one is at least 3-4 years old. Having a dog is such a huge responsibility, on top of baby duties, it is not easy.