Not ready to wean

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Mel posted this 05 March 2019

My toddler is demanding to bf throughout the night..she starts to cry when I stop. Her tummy is full before going to bed..I feel exhausted!

What could be the reason and how to control it without weaning?

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Angel posted this 05 March 2019

How old is your toddler? Is she actually drinking or is it more for comfort? She could possibly be teething as well. How long has it been going on for?

Dana posted this 05 March 2019

Sounds like comfort nursing. My little guy fought me for months and it was really hard. If she is eating and drinking during the day she should not be hungry at night. My best suggestion is to rock her back to sleep, and if she is old enough to try to get to your breast wear layers. I ended up sleeping in a sport bra with a tank top and a t shirt over it because he would sneak in and try to get to it. 

Joanne posted this 11 March 2019

Agree with comfort nursing - maybe a growth spurt as well and of course teething as always!

Sarah posted this 11 March 2019

It also sounds like comfort feeding to me. I think the person who recommended trying to rock your toddler to sleep instead has a good idea! If it’s comfort feeding you might be able to replace it with something else comforting.