Names that start with B for girls

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Teddy posted this 05 March 2020

Trying to think of a middle name for a girl, any suggestions? 

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Kathleen posted this 11 March 2020

Brinn, Brenna, Belle, Brooke

Vanessa posted this 11 March 2020

Bailey, Brianna, Brittany, Bella, Bianca, Brooklyn, Beckett, Brinley, Brenna 

Zoe posted this 13 March 2020

Brianne, Brea, Bex, Bethany, Brecken, Brie 

Elizabeth posted this 17 March 2020

Bentlee, Bridget, Beck

Dien posted this 18 March 2020

For a middle name I like Bella, it means beautiful in some languages and it's kind of girly and sweet

Olivia posted this 18 March 2020

My daughter's middle name is Belle and I absolutely love the name, it sounds Italian and romantic and I usually call her by this name, I use her first name only when I am mad )))

Katharina posted this 19 March 2020

Blair, Brooklin, Blessing, Barbara, Belle, Bella, Briana, Baila, Brenna...