Is it safe to breastfeed while taking levothyroxine?

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Kelly posted this 13 November 2018

 Thyroid hormones pass into breast milk, but in amounts that are too small to affect the nursing baby, or to affect tests for an underactive thyroid in the baby (neonatal hypothyroidism). It is safefor women taking this medicine to breastfeed their babies.

Do any women who have Hypothyroidism have any experience with breastfeeding? 

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Miranda posted this 20 November 2018

I would talk to your doctor and see if he can switch you to something else while you are breastfeeding.

Debra posted this 20 November 2018

yes it is, infact it is very important to take it if your TSH is higher thant the limit

Rachel posted this 28 January 2019

My sister takes it and breast feeds.. she did with all 3 of her kids.. I think it would be crazy to stop it because its something thats needed.