Is anyone planning to continue nursing nursing pregnancy?

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Mary posted this 20 November 2019

I currently have a 6 month old and am pregnant with a second. Has anyone continued nursing during pregnancy?

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Julie posted this 14 February 2020

Hi Mary, I was in the same situation, but my OB told me to stop nursing because it was contracting my uterus too much, which would send me into early labor. I was sad to do so, but I weaned my baby at around 7 months, so I would stop contracting. But I know everyones body is different. I would ask your doctor.

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Mirna posted this 14 February 2020

Hi Mary I know this is a little late but for what it's worth, I breastfed through both my pregnancies (three kids). Good luck!

Monica posted this 17 February 2020

I was almost done nursing when I found out I was pregnant. My OB told me to ween once I had a positive pregnancy test. I would talk to your doctor. 

Liz posted this 19 February 2020

Yes. I did nurse while I was pregnant with my second.  It is a little tricky because you need to consumer extra calories to keep up with supply.  I ended up stopping just before my oldest was 1 year old and I was about 5 months pregnant. 

whitney posted this 13 March 2020

I did for a few months! However, once I hit the 3-4 month mark, I was having pretty strong nursing aversions and started weaning. My first was 18mos. when he stopped nursing.