Induction Stories

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Melissa posted this 18 September 2019

Does anyone have any positive induction stories? No negative comments please!

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Elise posted this 04 October 2019

I didn't like being induced but my labor and delivery were super easy.

Tracy posted this 03 October 2019

I chose to be induced the day I hit 40 weeks mainly because my doctor was going on vacation and I wanted him to deliver my baby, nobody else. Before I went in that night, I was really nervous and felt like I could wait it out until he returned, but I ended up just going in. I had read many nightmarish induction stories but I had no issues. I was already dilated close to a 5 when I arrived, but they immediately started me on pitocin. I ended up only being in labor for 6 hours. It was super easy and if I had to, I'd choose to be induced all over again. 

Ashley posted this 19 September 2019

Yes, I loved being induced!  My second baby was induced 4 days after my due date (mostly because my first baby was big and they didn't want me to go too much overdue).  It all went so smoothly.  I went into the hospital at 9pm and they started me on some meds.  I was able to sleep pretty well all night, and in the morning they started me on pitocin.  Baby came around noon