I'm worried that she's pregnant.

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Jason posted this 26 January 2020

Yesterday (25/1) we had sex with a condom 2-3 days before her period, the condom broke but as soon as it broke I pulled it out. (I didn't ejaculate). Today (26/1) she spotted, not just a few drops but it filled about half of a small paper. Note: She's really worried and she almost had a panic attack, could that be the reason she spotted? Could she be pregnant?

Edit: She spotted for the second time, but this time more blood came out. I don't know if it's spotting or she's having her period but her previous periods started heavily and at the third day the blood was lighter.

Melanie posted this 26 January 2020

Women's bodies are unique so there's no for sure way to tell but to wait it out. Should have gotten the plan b pill to be safe.. but at this time she definitely could be but you wont know for a couple weeks. Sorry, there's no yes or no answer here. 

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