I am taking my meds, is it ok?

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Cori posted this 18 September 2019

So I just found out I'm pregnant. I've been on my meds the whole time and it's still early. I don't go to the docs for another few weeks. Should I quit taking them?

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Nadia posted this 22 September 2019

That is a tough one. What does your pediatrician say? Get a range of medical opinions, but understand that you are not the first to navigate this. Praying you find an answer that gives you peace.

Sucre posted this 23 September 2019

I suppose it depends on the meds they have you on. Really a professional opinion is best though I know of women who stayed on meds during their pregnancy and others who opted not to take them.

Candace posted this 23 September 2019

It depends on what medications you are taking and also on your circumstances. You could call your obgyn and leave a message with the nurse. They will get back to you with more information.

Sucre posted this 24 September 2019

I agree with Candace perhaps you can speak to both your Obgyn and therapist and get some advise specific to your situation. 

Daisy posted this 24 September 2019

I would reach out to the OBGYN doc and let them know that your appointment isn't until a few weeks and that you are currently concerned about the medications you are on, that you've been on even when you conceived. Often times they will go ahead and address by letting the physician know and they will follow up with you as soon as possible. Also....congrats!!!!!!

Amanda posted this 24 September 2019

I wouldnt stop anything "cold turkey" because that could do more harm then good. I would call your obgyn and ask the question before doing anything she may tell you its fine for now because you are so early in the pregnancy. Some meds do not need to be stopped until the last trimester. 

Angelique posted this 24 September 2019

I would call your OBGYN and leave a message with the nurse on what to do until your appointment. I have done this several times with other issues and some of them were medication related for me as well.