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Mia posted this 03 March 2019

What are everyone's thoughts on humidifiers and is there a brand better than the other? 

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Ashlyn posted this 03 March 2019

Buy Baby Humidifier is the best.  I use this for my kids.  I think its great to use humidifiers.

Jasmine posted this 03 March 2019

We use the Young Living humidifier and I love it. The lavender oil we use helps baby sleep and has also help with my post partum. 

Mama posted this 03 March 2019

Try the Crane humidifiers. They work well and they are soo cute. They are available in different shapes and colors and can serve double-duty as décor.

Sara posted this 05 March 2019

I have the Crane train humidifier. Love it. It also has a really soothing sound.

luisa posted this 06 March 2019

we use it, it stopped my sons nose bleeds but his skin is still really dry so it helped with certain things

Emily posted this 23 May 2019

My poor boy got a bad cold when he was 3months; I quick grabbed a cool mist humidifier from the local drugstore, but it leaked! I saw so many reviews from other ones saying they leaked to, I was nervous about investing in another. Finally I found a top-fill one and love it!!!! It hasn't leaked and works great! 

I got the top fill Tao Tronics humidifier off Amazon:


Andrea posted this 23 May 2019

I think this is a staple for all parents! I don't know how we would have gotten through many an illness without one. But remember to use distilled water instead of tap water! I didn't know this was such a big deal until someone mentioned it to me.

Tasha posted this 31 May 2019

I just got a humidifier at ALDI once, and it's been great to us! I have no idea of the brand, but I've seen them go on sale there since then.

user5 posted this 03 June 2019

Humidifiers are fantastic! Especially when they double as a diffuser for essential oils! Mine was a cheap one from Amazon, and works great!

Fiona posted this 07 June 2019

Crane has some pretty cute humidifiers for kids. They come in different designs piggy, train, hippo, elephant etc. If you love multipurpose décor or décor with functional capacity, you will love the kids'' humidifiers by Crane. They look great as tabletop décor.

Amy posted this 12 June 2019

My son has always had sinus issues. He seems to stay congested. Keeping a humidifier running in his room each night, has seemed to help tremendously. 

Becky posted this 12 June 2019

This truly is a must-have item for any parent. All the germs that babies pick up from daycare, you will feel like they stay sick. Having a humidifier helped us get through many of illnesses. 

Elena posted this 13 June 2019

I had a Vicks Vapor humidifier for my older son when he was around 2 years old. Whenever he got sick I turned that sucker on and it worked like a charm. Some of them even come with decorative lights. My son's had star shapes on the ceiling from the decorative lights that came from the humidifier. It was great because it served as a night-light too. 

Yulianna posted this 28 July 2019

Just make sure you get a cool mist humidifier for your baby! Warm mist is not recommended! I am wanting to try the one that is made by the company that makes nosefrida. It is fairly cheap and is also a diffuser with a soothing color changing light.

Rachel posted this 21 August 2019

I like the frida baby system and it has a built in nightlight.

Rachele posted this 27 August 2019

I like the frida baby system. I also got an off brand one on amazon for 12 dollars that works like a charm!