How soon can you take baby out?

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Amber posted this 08 November 2018

My husband's sister is getting married two weeks after my due date. Would it be safe to drive about two hours to a hotel by then? I worry about the baby getting sick. Even if the baby comes a little earlier it feels too soon. I would have a friend babysitting in the room, but we have to get a hotel because my husband's in the wedding and has the rehearsal, dinner, etc the day before. Even if I didn't have all that craziness, how soon did you start taking your little one out?

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Kalli posted this 21 November 2018

Other than the pediatrician, I didn't take my little one anywhere for the first 3 months. I understand some moms have no choice (such as working moms taking little one to day care), but I personally didn't want to take the risk of my little one getting sick.

Kathryn posted this 21 November 2018

I took my newborn out of town a few weeks later and was smooth sailing. I was a little soar and achy but meds from the dr helped.

katilyn posted this 20 November 2018

You should be okay to travel but it depends on how you are after you give birth. You may be hurting or soar still. More of a wait and see game. The baby should be fine as well for travel. 

sarah posted this 20 November 2018

You are fine to travel after you have the baby. No reason the baby cant travel unless they have a health issue or something. I traveled a lot after I had my children. 

Rose posted this 20 November 2018

6 weeks unless you can shelter baby from germs on your own.

Ashley posted this 20 November 2018

I traveled with my newborn a week after having her. She was fine and nothing wrong happend. They are born with a good immune system. Unless there is complications or something wrong with the baby then you are in the clear. I drove 8 hours after she was born to visit family for a wedding. 

Katie posted this 20 November 2018

I think it's perfectly fine to take baby out as soon as possible. Sheltering the baby isn't good, bringing baby out will help build up the baby's immune system.

Meg posted this 20 November 2018

We had people bring their newborn to church at a week old and pass him around. OY. Baby trumps sister-in-law sorry We did some little outings but nothing major until 4-6 weeks like everyone else said. 

Sarah posted this 20 November 2018

4-6 weeks like the others have said. Perhaps you could talk to your doctor about making some accommodations for the baby so it won't be exposed to many germs? I don't know about keeping them in the car seat, as there are dangers of the baby dying from not being able to breathe properly. 

Stella posted this 20 November 2018

Lots of good advice here. I've been told 4 weeks, minimum, in places that are hotbeds of germs. It's also a little more risky because so many people will see your tiny human and want to pick it up or kiss it or whatever weirdos do with little babies. I'd get in and out as soon as possible if this is a wedding you'd never be forgiven for missing. 

Katie posted this 20 November 2018

I'd say 6 weeks and even then I would keep them in their carseat with a cover over them. There is too many germs out there to have them exposed to.

olivia posted this 13 November 2018

Is this summer/ winter..? Winter definitely NO, summer- i'd consider taking baby. Having someone watch baby in the hotel room would be uber convenient, and you could retire early if you're just not feeling up to it. I would NOT bring baby to wedding, but, no sense is sitting around if it's not germ-season. Could you rent an airbnb? May be a little less traffic in and out than a hotel. 

Marilyn posted this 13 November 2018

Yikes, I'd say that you won't even be up to attending a social function like a wedding, even if you did feel comfortable taking your munchkin out that soon.

Jan posted this 13 November 2018

I agree at least four weeks is a minimum to wait. Their immune systems are NOT ready for the germs of the world. 

Hana posted this 13 November 2018

Typical protocol is 6 to 8 weeks.  Do you have someone that can keep the baby in your home while you are at the wedding?  A hotel room is going to have so many germs in it and especially with it being cold and flu season...just makes me nervous. We waited until about 8-10 weeks before we went anywhere with our baby. 

Amber posted this 09 November 2018

I recommend waiting at least 4 weeks, but I didn't take my babies anywhere for the first 8 lol.

Constance posted this 09 November 2018

I waited 4-6 weeks.

Kara posted this 09 November 2018

That's cutting it wayyyyyy too close. Even if you deliver exactly on your due date (which doesn't usually happen), you'll still be pretty sore. Thinking about sitting through a wedding makes me hurt just thinking about it. It's too soon to be traveling with a new little smoosh too. They get sick easily and all that traveling can't be good for a new little one. Maybe someone can live stream the wedding for you? 

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Amber posted this 09 November 2018

Yeah, I didn't take me into the equation at all. I've been hyper-focused on baby to the point that I forgot about my own after birth situation. I may just sit it out for my own well-being.

Eek! That is cutting it super close. I waited 6 weeks to venture out with my daughter anywhere other than the doctor. Even then I was a hawk about germs. Hotels aren't the best environment, especially with all the stories we see on the news with bed bugs. 

If you go over your due date at all you'll be super uncomfortable around then. I walked like a cowboy for two weeks after birth 😂 I couldn't imagine going to a wedding, particularly with how heavy the bleeding can be. I hate to say it but there's a good chance you might have to sit this one out.  You really have to think of yourself here too, mama. If push comes to shove, you could always drive up with your friend separately from your husband, attend the ceremony, and drive back with your friend. I would leave baby in the car napping with your friend. At most the ceremony will be 45-60 minutes. Seems do-able. 

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Amber posted this 09 November 2018

Bummer. I may just sit it out. Technically I was pregnant before she picked her date! 😂 😂 

The typical window is 4-6 weeks for visiting germy places like stores. Hotels seem super risky to me for a new baby. Is there a way you can stay home while your husband does the crazy pre-wedding stuff and he can pick you up the day of in the morning? That way your baby could stay in your home. It's hard to plan because if you go over your due date you might still be pregnant or even in the hospital... I totally get this scenario though. My cousin got married the week after I delivered my 2nd. I made a very brief appearance (was still bleeding very heavily) and called it quits. 

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