how many naps does your 1 year old take a day?

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ellen posted this 11 January 2020

my son takes two naps at daycare but will barely want to go down for one with us on the weekends...i worry that its throwing off his schedule and its harder for him to sleep at daycare when he doesn't sleep on the weekends

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Millie posted this 21 January 2020

My kids were usually napping twice a day at 1. It sounds like he usually is doing 2 a day. Maybe he just doesn't want to miss out on the fun at home!

Erin posted this 22 January 2020

A morning and afternoon nap until about 1 1/2 sounds about right. They still have so much growing to do. He may just be wanting to spend more time with you.

Lisa posted this 24 January 2020

some days its 2, most days she will only go down for one. We are up around 6am every morning and she will either nap around 11-12 and then again 3-4 (short nap) and then bed around 730-8. But I am finding most days she fights the naps all together so I at least try for one long one hour at least nap.. she wants to play and I see her fighting her nap, but she def needs it

Mary posted this 28 January 2020

My son used to take 1 really long nap until he was maybe 2 yo.

Meg posted this 30 January 2020

My daughter was taking 2 good solid naps but lately it's so hard during the day, seems like she just wants to keep going even though she is clearly tired.

Mary posted this 30 January 2020

He probably just doesn't want to miss out on the time with you guys.  how long are the two naps at school vs the one that he takes with you?   I think at 1 either two short naps or one long nap is good

Monique posted this 19 February 2020

Maybe try going to nap at the same time that he does at daycare - I know it is hard on the weekends to have a nap routine, but if you insist I can tell you it may take a few weeks but when he sees you are going to make him stay down at that time he'll start to relax and it'll be easier. WIth mine I had them stay in bed for nap time even if they didn't fall asleep, and eventually they were asleep in a very short time. that's my 4 and 2 yo though, I can't remember how many naps they took at 1! 😂 Also, maybe taking him outside a few hours before nap to wear him out!😆 

Liz posted this 19 February 2020

mine takes 1 long one abour 2.5 hours and sleeps abount 11 hours at night. I think it's all about being in a routine. That may be why he follows it so well at daycare.

Kelly posted this 21 February 2020

My son took a 10 am nap and a 2 pm nap until he was about 2 years old. 

Destiny posted this 21 February 2020

As many as she needs, I do not disturb the monster... is she needs a nap, she takes a nap, even when it's with the dog. Now that I am 6 months pregnant, I need my naps too. We have a good thing going on together. 

Jessica posted this 21 February 2020

My one year old naps after lunch, around noon and sleeps until about 3. Goes to bed for the night around 70 and wakes up once, if at all Good luck!

Madison posted this 24 February 2020

Our 16 month old still takes 2 naps a day during the week but yes on weekends when Daddy is home or we have plans that interfere with naps, she gets off her schedule and doesn't do that. I think it's ok for the routine during the week to be different than weekends, and it's kind of inevitable

Becky posted this 25 February 2020

We are averaging 1-2 naps a day, but mostly just 1 long nap these days. His nightly schedule is a little off though now. He is not sleeping through the entire night--He's been waking up between 2a-4a wanting his sippy cup or bottle of milk. The doctor stated not to give him milk over night, so that we don't rot his little teeth...but he cries like crazy if he doesn't get his milk. Suggestions?

Leslie posted this 15 March 2020

I think it's hard when they don't have a consistent schedule, but it works for some kids.  My kids did NOT want to nap, and we ended up picking a preschool based on that, because I knew it would be a struggle everyday.  But at the same time, my neighbor's daughter goes to all-day kindergarten (no nap) but happily naps on the weekend.  So who knows.