How many here had C-sections and were they planned or unplanned?

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Maggie posted this 13 January 2019

How many here have had C-sections and was it a planned c-section or an emergency c-section?

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Corey posted this 12 March 2020

I have had three. The first was natural, the second an unplanned c-section, and the third planned. I have had multiple surgeries so it was like second nature for me.

Gina posted this 12 March 2020

I had a c-section and it was unplanned. I was very afraid. 

Harper posted this 04 March 2020

Lots of lotion and massage! Itchy means healing, so thats not a bad thing. Massaging it will help nerve repair.

Harper posted this 04 March 2020

One emergency and one planned.

Misty posted this 27 February 2020

Me! Totally unplanned but necessary. They lost track of her heartbeat so I was rushed into the operating room. I was upset at first because I wanted to do it naturally but it's just how it is, so I don't feel that way anymore. As long as my baby is healthy!

Carly posted this 27 February 2020

Unplanned Emergency Csection because my blood pressure was consistently high. 

My scar is still tender and itchy a year later. Any recommendations?

Viviana posted this 06 February 2020

my first was emergency, my second was planned.

Bethenny posted this 02 July 2019

I’ve had one after being in labor for over 16 hours. My next will be scheduled since my hospital doesn’t offer VBACs. 

Joanne posted this 26 February 2019

One emergency and then the rest were planned.

Rae posted this 14 January 2019

I had one emergency c-section and a two planned.