How long did you wait to tell everyone?

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maria posted this 11 January 2020

did you just share your positive test or did you wait for ultrasound pic?

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Whit posted this 17 March 2020

We waited until we had at least heard the heartbeat!

Nicole posted this 16 March 2020

Im a very anxious first time mom, so I waited for my NIPT results and was able to announce by 14 weeks!

Dushica posted this 16 March 2020

We told our close family and friends right away, for others I will wait until people started asking. 

Justine posted this 16 March 2020

We will wait until into the second trimester for sure. I want to feel confident that bub is snug and sound in there. 

Erin posted this 16 March 2020

We told everyone at about 9 weeks, we were way too excited to wait any longer

Laura posted this 14 March 2020

They can't ask you.  So I say hide it.  And tell them once you get hired.  You are totally covered by all of the equal employment opportunity laws by that point, so there isn't a thing they can do without the risk of serious repercussions.  (Saying this as a mom, and a hiring manager).

How far along are you? I always say honesty is the best policy and they can't "technically" not give you a job for your pregnancy. BUT I will tell you that I was interviewing for jobs when I was pregnant and let them know. Not one gave me a callback. 

I'm possibly interviewing for a new job and I'm wondering if I should hide my pregnancy. I'm only showing a little but I feel that it could hurt my chances. And if I get the job, should I tell them right away? I'm hoping for better benefits. 

Janessa posted this 12 March 2020

What's a great way to tell my friends I'm having another baby without doing the same reveal ideas?

Jenny posted this 12 March 2020

I had twins and a blood clot, so I waited until 20 weeks to make it public - which was ridiculous because I was huge! But I told immediate family and friends after the 12-week appointment. 

Emma posted this 12 March 2020

I'm dying to tell people! We just found out a few days ago and I'm right around 5 weeks. I will wait until after my first appointment but I'll only be 9 weeks then, based on these comments I may wait until 12 weeks...just in case...😕 

Krista posted this 03 March 2020

My first I waited until the baby was born to announce it "to the world," this time around I was about 6-7 months, but my close friends always knew immediately after I'd find out with a test. I think it depends on your preference in privacy in general.

Zufina posted this 27 February 2020

I waited to a little after 12 wks to tell some friends and distant relatives. But of course my mom and sister knew the same day my pregnancy was confirmed at the doctors office. I waited until I was 4-5 months to tell my job though.

Brooke posted this 10 February 2020

My standard was like a lot of other peoples...12 weeks. We struggled with some infertility issues though so sometimes I'd tell close family right away, just to have the extra support from close friends and family. I say do whatever you feel is best.

Kassandra posted this 30 January 2020

Close family right away, everyone else we waited til after the 12 weeks. It was so hard to not share, but we shared with an ultrasound picture and used pumpkins since was fall.

JANET posted this 30 January 2020

I shared with close family and friends right away.  I couldnt help myself.  I waited until 12 weeks to let everyone know

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Jamie posted this 30 January 2020

Because if previous losses, my husband knew by 6 weeks, work knew by 9 weeks because I'm restricted when it comes to lifting, and the occasional friend/regular at work knew a bit after 9 weeks, too. I havent told anyone close or made a big social media post about it and I dont plan to until I've actually delivered. I'm very vulnerable and to make a post that something happened would kill me. I hurt with my husband privately, and that's enough comfort for me. I'm also slightly superstitious and dont want people who dont like me cheering for my downfall. I'm a couple days away from 12 weeks.

Besides, I think itll be cool to just show up with pictures one day like, yeah surprise this is my BABY!! (: 

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Elena posted this 28 January 2020

I told my husband that day, my immediate family the same week (I was only 5 weeks) and then we posted on social media at 12 weeks. 

Chelsea posted this 27 January 2020

For my next, I hope to wait 12-15 weeks. A common suggestion is waiting until after the first trimester, but I've noticed a lot of people are announcing really early on social media! 

Lisa posted this 25 January 2020

i waited until people started asking.. I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy alone honestly without the comments of other so it was about half way through when I finally made an announcement

Jane posted this 25 January 2020

For the first one, I told everyone the moment we found out. For this current one, we waited until the second trimester.

Jessica posted this 25 January 2020

We just told our family and friends at 12 weeks. My husband also told his job and they were surprisingly accommodating and happy. He immediately got a packet from HR outlining his rights to paternity leave and pay. It's nice to know these things early for planning.

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