Help baby sleep at night

  • Last Post 12 November 2018
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Heather posted this 12 November 2018

My 3 mo old wakes up almost every 3 hours and cries for about 20min then goes back to sleep. Is this pattern normal?

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Jessica posted this 14 November 2018

My baby didn’t start sleeping through the night until I switched from breastfeeding to formula. This is completely normal.

Page posted this 14 November 2018

I would try that Nested Bean swaddler, see if it helps.

Gen posted this 13 November 2018

Are you swaddling? Baby maybe be startling herself awake. 

olive posted this 13 November 2018

Is she hungry? Is she gaining weight? She may be hungry! 

Grace posted this 13 November 2018

How’s her weight gain? Has she been sleeping through the night? 3 months is pretty early to consistently sleep through the night, but many babies do. That pattern doesn’t sound abnormal at all, but if it lasts for awhile you might want to check and make sure she’s getting the right amount of sleeping and feeding during the day.