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Jane posted this 25 January 2020

We've accumulated a lot of baby and children's clothes and toys through the years, and now that we're having a second child after quite a while, I'm worried that my second child will feel resentful about getting his older brother's hand me downs. Do you have any tips to avoid this?

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Phoebe posted this 01 April 2020

I doubt he'll notice.

Contessa posted this 01 April 2020

I don't think kids mind much at all. He might even think it's cool to be wearing big brother's things!

Jane posted this 12 March 2020

Personally, I hated hand me downs as a kid. With my kids, they do get some hand me downs. They do get new outfits for holidays and special occasions though.

Courtney posted this 12 March 2020

I have 3 boys and the two youngest got mostly hand me downs. They actually like it because they look up to their older brother and think it's cool. It makes total sense not to buy brand new clothes when you have perfectly good ones, but if you are worried about it.. maybe they can pick out a new outfit on their birthday or for a holiday? That might make it seem special and just for them. 

Rebecca posted this 12 March 2020

I doubt they will even notice until they are older, 6 or 7 maybe? Until then they are happy with all sorts of things, its all new to them. Think of it this way, you're being kinder to the environment and your budget by reusing!