Hakka Silicone Breast Pump - MUST HAVE

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amber posted this 15 September 2019

For all those new breast feeding moms out there- or moms to be. I highly recommend the Hakka Silicone Breast Pump in addition to your regular pumps. It was a wonderful investment for me. Each time baby nursed I would use this to catch 5oz of let down from the other breast that is normally wasted. There are tons of youtube reviews on this product and you should check them out! I was also able to use this and a hand pump when I didn't want to lug around a huge noisy pump to a short day event. I also used this to catch let down in the shower from the stimulation. I just brought those puppies into the bathroom with me and suctioned them on right after toweling off and got at least 8-10 ounces each night after a shower with no actual "pumping" involved. Are there any other mamas out there that used this product?

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Noemi posted this 13 April 2020

I agree 100%! I LOVED the Haaka so much. Definitely a must have. 

Jessica posted this 09 April 2020

Thanks for sharing! I just ordered a Haakaa, and I am very excited to use it as well! 

Daisy posted this 27 March 2020

FTM here and planning on breastfeeding too. Im due in June but i just recently ordered the Haakaa! heard many good stuff about it, excited to use it! 

Kaitlin posted this 27 March 2020

I never used this but just heard about it recently and want to use it when I have another baby!

whitney posted this 13 March 2020

YES!! I definitely second this! It was such a game changer for me. I love the idea of using it after the shower... I'll have to try that when my next baby arrives. 

Kennedy posted this 05 December 2019

I did for awhile, its definitly worth the cost since it isnt that expensive.

Alyssa posted this 04 October 2019

I was going to get one too but unfortunately I couldn't breastfeed for very long.

Brenda posted this 04 October 2019

Whoa, I have read a lot of great reviews on this. I will definitely be adding this to my registry. 

Morgan posted this 04 October 2019

Could not agree more! This product was recommended to me by my cousin and it was literally the coolest invention for breastfeeding mommas! I never thought to use it to catch shower let down though! GENIUS!!!

Carmen posted this 30 September 2019

Never heard of this, but looked it up and cant say I'm not intrigued! Will have to add this to the registry when I have my next one

Lindsey posted this 26 September 2019

Totally agree! I recommend this to all new moms! It is so easy to use and helps to build up a milk stash!

elena posted this 26 September 2019

LITERALLY one of the best purchases I made as a new mom. I ended using and collecting more milk to freeze with the Hakka pumps than I ever did with my $300 electrical pump. It is so convenient, works great, and very easy to clean and bring on the go. If you're contemplating it. Stop and just buy it. You won't regret it. 

Susi posted this 25 September 2019

WOW 5 oz. of liquid gold is alot to be accounted for. Definitely adding this to my registry

Elizabeth posted this 25 September 2019

I have one too. I don't get quite that much! I'm not a great milk producer, but I collect several ounces every day. I freeze what I can get. 

Candace posted this 23 September 2019

I use it and love it! I am with my baby the majority of the time so dont pump much but this allows me to build up a little bit of a stash just in case!

Amanda posted this 22 September 2019

I actually just read a whole article on this how the hakka can be used to help relive pressure once the baby is sleeping through the night so you dont have to fully pump and your supply can adjust. Super excited to try it!

Megan posted this 22 September 2019

I love my haakaa! I was skeptical at first, but oh boy, I am now a believer! 

Marie posted this 22 September 2019

I was wondering about this!!! I saw them on sale on amazon and I am going to breastfeed my daughter and this is my first child and I didnt know since I have a pump if this is neccessary.