Godparent interaction

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Sam posted this 16 July 2019

Do you regularly involve (on purpose, extra effort) your godparents into your family, children's lives, etc?

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Adrian posted this 06 August 2019

We haven't legally chosen godparents as of yet, but I remember spending a few days in the summer during my elementary and middle school years with my godparents and always loved it so much! They were wonderful and I bet the break was nice for my parents too!

Madi posted this 06 August 2019

No, I rarely even talk to them anymore & wish I had chosen differently.

Sasha posted this 31 August 2019

We use godparents as the Catholic religion requires them, so we ended having my husband's aunts/uncles as the godparents. Luckily, we can easily involve them in our kids' lives.