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Janet posted this 24 August 2018

Has anyone had a gender reveal party that someone else planned for you? Looking for different ideas on how to reveal to everyone and MYSELF!  I've seen balloons coming out of a box, the cake color when sliced in it.. but I really want something unique and over the top to wow my guests!! 

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Vanessa posted this 12 March 2020

I feel like a lot of our gender reveal ideas have been the same throughout the universe. We need to get more creative. 

Kacie posted this 18 February 2020

We did lavender flowers delivered for our daughter, and green fireworks for our son. We were thinking of releasing birds for the next one, but my hippy SIL says gender reveal parties are gauche, so I don't know anymore.

Nina posted this 18 February 2020

I did cans of silly string that had the cans covered with paper so you cant see the color. Then my sister let me nieces and nephews use them. Whatever color came out was the gender.

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Sun posted this 09 November 2019

My husband delivered pink-frosting cupcakes wearing a big pink onesie. It was hilarious! The rest of the party was the same, we just had a big finale haha.

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Roxy posted this 24 September 2019

We did a BaByQ. Everything was outside and we decorated pink and blue and then I had a friend in Florida who logged into my patient portal to see the gender and ordered confetti cannons and sent them to me in the mail and we set them off. It was amazing. 

Freya posted this 23 September 2019

I've seen someone do a gender reveal where the dad did a burn out of a sports car tires...and it burst the smoke/fog in a pink cloud...revealing their babies gender. The fog/smoke was so big and huge! But it was kind of loud for a bit. I guess it really depends on if you want a gentle type of reveal or a loud party type of reveal. Either way, I thought this was very sweet in how they did their reveal because it was very clear that they were all pumped and excited! 

Donna posted this 23 September 2019

I love the idea of confetti flying everywhere and a photographer to capture everyone's faces, I think that is the best part. 

Jessica posted this 31 August 2019

It's so basic but so yum! I don't mind the cake cutting because it's still a fun surprise

I like the regular cutting of the cake to reveal the color. It is basic but less hassle.

Davina posted this 31 August 2019

I had one but it was pretty basic. My friend baked a cake for my gender reveal. It was a boy so she made the cake blue on the inside and colorful on the outside so I wouldn't know. It was delicious for sure!

Jessica posted this 31 August 2019

For my last gender reveal, my husband bought those big fireworks that shoot into the sky. They had specific ones just for gender reveals. He bought pink and blue just to throw me off! It was so fun and everyone loved it!

Cardi posted this 28 August 2019

I like the cake cutting idea and balloons! Its easy and fun!

Mona posted this 20 July 2019

I knew someone that was a golfer and hit a ball that combusted into pink or blue. Also those pink and blue smoking sticks

June posted this 20 July 2019

We did a "What Will It Bee" party. It was bee themed and pretty gender neutral other than the pink confetti that was in the bee pinata. 

Jess posted this 31 May 2019

Goodness I am SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS !!! These ideas are so cool thank you everyone. I wish i had good ones to add!

Amy posted this 08 May 2019

Dye some eggs pink and some blue...all hardboiled except for the one of the baby's gender. Alternate b/w you and your husband until one of you literally gets egg on your face!

Julie posted this 06 March 2019

I never thought about a gender reveal party.  I always just told everybody whenever I found out.  But a party does sound like a really cool idea.

abigail posted this 06 March 2019

the most extreme cool thing I've saw was fireworks, another time i saw people having certain lights in cities change color at a certain time 

Aubree posted this 06 March 2019

Did you see the raw egg challenge gender reveal? They had 6 pink and 6 blue eggs and 11 were hard boiled. Mom and dad took turns cracking them over their head and the stress of the possibility of a raw egg and finding out the sex was hilarious!

Lilly posted this 16 February 2019

My sister handed me the envelope and I went to Party City thinking I would get some confetti and balloons and would have to do it all manually. But when I looked in the baby shower aisle they had balloons with confetti that were available for purchase that said "boy or girl." I picked them up and for my niece I got her Playdoh and lollipops in the 'color' and had her open it as her parents were popping the balloon. It was more of a quiet reveal but it was definitely a special moment.

Laila posted this 15 January 2019

I saw a video of  woman popping a balloon to reveal the color of the sex, but nothing was in the balloon. so a family member said something funny to make everyone turn around, and her hair was the color of the sex. it has so funny!

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