Formula and the type of water

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Kary posted this 02 September 2018

I have a question regarding what type of water you use with your formula. I've read about using only distilled water...is this true? Did you have a filter system at your home or did you buy jugs if it at your local store?

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Jennifer posted this 05 September 2018

We used distilled water for our bottles and I bought it weekly at our grocery store.  I think it just depends on the quality of  your tap water.  I'm overkill with everything so I used distilled water the whole time, sanitized the bottles every time they were washed and always warmed the bottles.  I have friends that only used tap water and never warmed a bottle...oh my! 

Stacy posted this 05 September 2018

We used distilled water only and we warmed them too! I didn't sanitize the bottles every time though.

Heide posted this 07 September 2018

Distilled water definitely.

Evelyn posted this 07 September 2018

I call it the baby water ..that's what I used.

Michelle posted this 30 September 2018

I also used distilled. I just don't trust my tap water. There are too many chemicals that my city puts in the water. I would say to use either distilled or water that is filtered with reverse osmosis (most bottled filtered water). 

Hannah posted this 09 October 2018

Filtered bottle water is what I used. I think it is way better than the chemicals put into city water. Distilled works well also. 

Megan posted this 26 October 2018

We used tap water. 

RHONDA posted this 26 October 2018

I use bottled water until they can handle the yuck in tap water!

Torin posted this 07 November 2018

My OB suggested to use distilled so that is what we are doing if breastfeeding doesn't go as planned.  Brita makes a nice water filtration system so maybe read up on that.  Otherwise we are just buying jugs if we need to.   

Abigail posted this 19 November 2018

I'd use distilled water as well or filtered water from your refrigerator. Never use city water it usually comtains a lot of chemicals or is not completely filtered.

Jenea posted this 19 November 2018

We use water that's delivered in the big jugs, but I'm a little concerned because it says "low sodium." Is distilled water completely free of everything, or are there other elements such as sodium that remain?

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Hannah posted this 16 January 2019

My OB said it was fine to use tap water, and I trusted him

Shana posted this 18 January 2019

I was told to use “nursery water,” which is fluoridated by my pediatrician, but around the same time I read on the American Pediatric Association’s website that giving babies fluoridated water was not healthy. So I stuck with bottled water, but not the nursery water.

Erin posted this 21 January 2019

Hi there! I used both bottled spring water and distilled water. I did have a filtration system but I didn't trust it. The truth is, you never really know what is in any water source. But, I generally just switched between the two types. I have two little ones and they are perfectly healthy! 

Meagan posted this 21 January 2019

We had to supplement in the beginning and used nursery water. But I currently babysit for a little boy & they just use tap water for him! They do have a filter tho so idk if that makes a difference. 

Nicole posted this 21 January 2019

Always use distilled! If you can't, make sure its filtered! I live in an area where the water is gross so I just stock up on distilled water, but a lot of people just use the Brita or they get one of those big jugs that you can replace! 

Lori posted this 22 January 2019

We didn't use nursery water but we do use distilled water. Just makes me feel a little better about it because I know that the water is okay!