Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

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Emily posted this 23 May 2019

I just want to create some awareness about this product. I never heard of it until I sent my LO to daycare (for a month lol) but I LOVE IT!!! And so does my son! When I asked his teacher about it, she said a random parent brought one in last year and the school invested in three of them within a month.

This helps him learn to sit up but keeps him supported. He can look around and actually move his head freely, unlike all the rocking chairs out there. He's not a huge fan of the attached toys but oh well! It folds for storage/to take along (perfect for family get-together! I used it at Easter) and the seating comes off to throw in the washer. 

I've definitely seen an improvement on his sitting skills since he started sitting in this. Plus I can plop him in it while I do other stuff and can even feed him in it if I need/want to! 

We have the below frog one, but there are a lot of styles. I also got his off of a Facebook Beg Barter site for a mere $20 - lady said her daughter used it twice! 😄 


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Alice posted this 28 August 2019

My "lil" guy was too chunky for it by the time he was old enough to sit in it!

Rachele posted this 27 August 2019

This looks awesome. I will be buying today!

Alex posted this 26 August 2019

My inlaws had bought this chair when our first was a baby and we ended buying one ourselves because she loved it so much!

Jennifer posted this 18 June 2019

This was the best invention EVER!! It gave my son an opportunity to gain neck muscle, yet not be on the floor. He could feel like he was "one of us", as he was able to sit up in the seat. The toys on it kept him occupied. 

Shana posted this 17 June 2019

I've been thinking about getting one of these!  A few people I follow on IG use them.  Another one that I follow is an OT and she's always talking a bout how less baby gear is better and the babies don't need to be in devices... idk i have guilt about it i guess. but also i have guilt about everything now so maybe we'll just get one and see.

Bridget posted this 17 June 2019

My daughter was OBSESSED with this.  From the time she was really little, she was always craning to sit up and be involved in the conversation.  She hated rockers and she didn't like anything with an incline, so this was a really good option, we could just pop her in it on the kitchen table and she was right there with us.  Totally recommend it.  

Samantha posted this 17 June 2019

I had this exact one for my little one. He enjoyed it very much. He also enjoyed the toys. It came with an attached toy that makes a crinkly sound. This kept him occupied for a while. I highly recommend this to other parents. 

Erin posted this 14 June 2019

This looks great!  Thank you for sharing! 

Selena posted this 14 June 2019

I'm so glad I saw this post today. My baby is learning to sit and is definitely going to love this! Thanks for sharing!

Edited: Just realized that my baby will soon outgrow this, so I think I'll be looking for some other chair

user6 posted this 03 June 2019

Wow! I agree! This awesome product, and did not know about it! Thank you for sharing AND including picture!

user5 posted this 03 June 2019

Great post! I did not know about this chair, but would love to have one for next baby! 😀