Favorite Brand of Pregnancy Tests

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Nina posted this 19 July 2019

What is/are your favorite brand(s) of pregnancy tests in terms of both accuracy and value?

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Daisy posted this 22 October 2019

Pregmate's tests are very nice. The earliest predictions I could find, not too expensive, trustworthy, and pretty nice design. 😊 

Beth posted this 20 October 2019

First response!! However, my best friend did get hers from the dollar general (only place she could stop and grab one in her little town without making a trip) and it actually worked when she was 2 days late!

Brittany posted this 17 October 2019

Wondfo worked fine for me 

olivia posted this 13 October 2019

I usually do the cheap $1 ones or .88 ones from walmart,then ill do Clear Blue Digital just for my own piece of mind!

Hanna posted this 12 October 2019

I did Wandfo as well for the first test because they're so inexpensive. Once I had a positive, I verified with a Clear Blue digital. 

olivia posted this 12 October 2019

I use the cheap back on Amazon it comes with like 30 OPKs and like 20 Pregnancy tests,maybe more,but its super cheap for all you get! The dollar store ones work just as well also!

Julia posted this 01 October 2019

I loved clearblue tests!

Nancy posted this 30 September 2019

I didn't get pregnant until after almost 3 years of trying so the little cheapie ones are definitely my go-to! 

emily posted this 16 September 2019

I'm a pink dye person all the way. Blue dye tests have only given me issues over the last 8 years! There is a less confusion and uncertainty  with pink dye in my personal opinion.

Katy posted this 16 September 2019

My midwife told me that she's found the dollar store tests for $0.88 to be the cheapest and most accurate ;-)

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Lauren posted this 16 September 2019

Ive always used First Response.

Heather posted this 16 September 2019

I also took a cheap one at first and confirmed with ClearBlue. If you have HGC in your system, it will appear. A false positive almost never happens.

Catalina posted this 16 September 2019

They are literally almost all the same. The ones from the dollar store measures for the exact same amount of hgh as the more expensive ones do. Don't waste your money! The doctor's office even use the same as the dollar store unless they are drawing blood for a blood test!

Bristol posted this 08 August 2019

Clear blue is my go to.

Erica posted this 08 August 2019

I used first response 

Graham posted this 07 August 2019

I used a cheap test from the dollar store. It worked just fine. 

Chelsea posted this 07 August 2019

First response. 

Callii posted this 07 August 2019

Clear blue. 

Addie posted this 07 August 2019

Clear blue or first response!

Gabriella posted this 07 August 2019

First response. I have only ever used that brand! 

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