Extremely fatigued - any tips?

  • Last Post 25 January 2020
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Lauren posted this 09 January 2020

Anyone else facing extreme fatigue? Some days I feel like I can't even keep my eyes open while at work. 

What do you do to stay awake?

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Chelsea posted this 24 January 2020

I've heard tea works well! I was exhausted and just tried to nap whenever I got a chance. Event if it was just for 5 minutes! 

Eliza posted this 21 January 2020

Are you in your first trimester? I am always a zombie in my first trimester. I think its normal to be tired a lot since you are making a tiny human, but if it is becoming a problem for you with work I'd talk to my doctor!

Georgia posted this 21 January 2020

For sure talk to your doctor! I always feel like working out gives me a sudden burst of energy, but if you're concerned I'd bring it up at your next appointment! 

Sara posted this 16 January 2020

I would check with your doctor on this.  My sister in law suffers from chronic fatigue and her doctor was able to help her out a ton!

Stephanie posted this 13 January 2020

I drank a lot of tea.

Elaine posted this 12 January 2020

Working out seemed to help me quite a bit with my first. I also limited caffeine! 

dana posted this 11 January 2020

i do and i want to go to my dr for a work up to see if I'm deficient in anything, i drink coffee and that helps sometimes if i drink to much i get a stomache ache, I've stopped energy drinks cause they are bad for you, I've also heard b6 or b12 are good to i haven't tried them though

Cynthia posted this 09 January 2020

I drank some low caffeine tea, eat some hard candy some days to stay awake, or take a short walk around the building to wake myself up. You can also just take an hour nap a work during my lunch time in the car. Sometimes you just need to rest your eyes. Also try to go to bed early if you can.