Exercising During Pregnancy

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Mel posted this 06 February 2019

What are some of the benefits that you all have personally seen from exercising during pregnancy? Are there particular exercises/workouts that you found the best while pregnant?

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Melody posted this 01 June 2019

Walking is good but it is certainly not the best. You don't gain muscle or strength while just walking unless you were completely sedentary beforehand. I wish these myths would die. Weight bearing exercises, yoga, bodyweight exercises. My babies literally popped out. I was able to push with no fatigue. My lower body felt strong and core felt strong for bracing. Please, get active and remain active as long as you are able. This goes for after baby too and the rest of your life!

Christie posted this 01 June 2019

Walking is the best and easiest thing you can do! Its supposed to help with labor later one AND keeps you fit while pregnancy. 

Lucia posted this 01 June 2019

I was involved in strength training with all but one of my babies and boy did I notice a HUGE difference in labor. You need a strong abdominal floor and strong core for pushing. Better cardio = not getting out of breath pushing. The benefits are endless. OF course again as long as you're able to! 

Linda posted this 06 February 2019

Walking during pregnancy is supposed to be good for you. And it also is supposed to help a lot during labor.

Cherice posted this 06 February 2019

I have been on some restrictions from the doctor so haven't been able to do a whole lot of exercising during this pregnancy. I do find that swimming in a pool is a nice form of exercise because it is low impact and very relaxing for me. 

Deborah posted this 06 February 2019

My benefits include, better delivery, easier recovery and quicker to get back in shape. Walking definitely. Susan Bowen has some great barre workouts that are excellent. Nothing strenuous obviously but a little toning and cardio are very helpful during pregnancy.

Megan posted this 06 February 2019

I tried to walk a lot and also lots of lower body workouts. It will help you recover quickly from delivery. Also I didn't have any major tearing. Don't do anything that requires a lot of balance or too much abdomen work. Kayla Itsines is pregnant and has adapted her workouts for it. I loved her BBG workouts.

Talia posted this 06 February 2019

I loved working out while pregnant. It helped maintain a healthy weight and it really made giving birth easier in my opinion.  Beachbody has a whole workout routine for prenatal and postnatal that is fantastic.  They also have yoga and pilates I believe, but I would have to check on that.  I would definitely suggest consulting your OBGYN before starting a new workout especially while pregnant and if you were not exercising before conception.  Safety first they say

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