Exercise for Kids

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Jane posted this 07 March 2020

How do you get your preschoolers to exercise? I was thinking about yoga because my daughter isn't into sports. Does anyone have any fun suggestions?

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sammie posted this 12 March 2020

At first I had trouble getting my child to exercise, but taking him outside and letting him have fun engages a lot of exercise. 

Allison posted this 11 March 2020

My 4 year old love karate and gymnastics. There are also trampoline parks and parkour gyms popping up all over. 

Sam posted this 11 March 2020

Scooters, tricycle/bike, racing, gymnastics. There are so many sports, maybe she just hasn't tried the right one yet?

Nicole posted this 08 March 2020

Many communities offer soccer for 3 year olds! Same with flag football-4 years old. If you have a little girl, they offer dance classes around 3 as well. Check to see if you have any kind of gymnastic programs, as they take kids as small as 3 as well. 

Sam posted this 08 March 2020

There is a kid's yoga class in my town. We go once a week to socialize and exercise. He loves it!

Stacie posted this 08 March 2020

My preschooler and I walk around our park's track. He likes to keep track of our laps and it tires him out at the same time

Andrea posted this 07 March 2020

Have you tried exercising with her? My kid loves to try do stretches and work outs with me.