Dry skins remedies?

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Isabell posted this 24 February 2020

What are some tips or tricks on getting my sons skin to say super soft? We have tried Tubby Todd, Honest company and Calendula. Help!!

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Becca posted this 13 March 2020

I never thought about coconut oil. You ladies are awesome! I will have to give that a try,

whitney posted this 13 March 2020

Coconut oil!!!! It seriously works wonders. Make sure not to use it on heat rash though, as that will just irritate the skin further.. I learned this one the hard way.  

jennifer posted this 12 March 2020

I used aquaphor on my baby and it helped with the itchy and dry skin. 

Kyra posted this 10 March 2020

Aveeno and Vaseline Advanced Therapy are my favorites. I was my hands 30+ times a day and those two are my favorites. We have used Aveeno for all of kiddos.

Moona posted this 05 March 2020

Breast milk & aquaphor!

Carmen posted this 27 February 2020

I use a combination of coconut and argan oils to help with dry skin or cradle cap. Just a few drops on really go a long way. You can buy it organic and 100% natural. 

Carly posted this 27 February 2020

Coconut oil,  Vaseline and Olive oil are all good natural options for dry skin.