Do you combine Birthdays?

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isabella posted this 05 March 2020

If you have two kids with the same birthday month, how do you do parties?

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Riley posted this 05 March 2020

Yes! Combine birthday, there are really cute themes on Pinterest where people do half & half of different types of themes. Even cakes! Check it out

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olivia posted this 05 March 2020

I wouldn't combine, I would not want a combined party if I was a child.

Moona posted this 05 March 2020

I would separate the parties! One on Saturday one on Sunday, each kid gets the same set up as the other so it is fair. 

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Estelle posted this 11 March 2020

I wouldn't combine either, I'd let them plan there own party and do them a couple weeks apart if possible.

Vanessa posted this 12 March 2020

I have never combined birthdays but if it was a financial issue, I'd definitely combine the closer birthdays together.