divorce and children

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heather posted this 20 August 2019

i was hoping to get some advice. i am going through divorce and have two elementary school age children. The thought of how sad they will be when one of us moves out is killing me. Any suggestions? 

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gerry posted this 29 August 2019

I say take it one day at a time and stay true to you. You can only control yourself and how you react to certain things. Keep your head up and look ahead to brighter days

Lisa posted this 24 January 2020

my parents got divorced when I was in the 3rd grade and it was hard no doubt. but we did week on and week off. it wasnt bad and once we got older, we chose where we wanted to stay at primarily. It was really hard and I remember being confused and didnt know why or what was really going on other than my dad was getting a new place.. I think seeing them work together tho really helped us. 

Kim posted this 25 January 2020

I always promised myself I wouldn't divorce once i had kids. My husband and I are taking precaution by marriage counseling maintenance. But one of my friends told me anything is possible especially after kids. I know my neighbors have shared custody and the kids seem well-adjusted.They see both parents every day.

Elena posted this 28 January 2020

just make sure they feel love throughout all this, make sure they know it isnt anything they did.. my parents were pretty crappy when they divorced and i grew up thinking that if i wasnt born they wouldnt have stayed together so long bc i was the last child and they were already pretty unhappy.. just make sure you talk to them and answer their questions. make sure they always feel loved and support. 

JANET posted this 30 January 2020

My parents separated when I was about 6.  He was a drug addict and I knew it.  I knew he wasn't living with us because he wasnt doing good things.  It made the divorce easier for me to deal with.  I knew that it wasnt because he didnt love us, he was an addict.  If hes in jail and the kids know it, they should handle it ok.  If they dont know, I think you should tell them.  Family counseling is also a good idea, even if its only one session.  Also speak with the schools social worker

Kassandra posted this 30 January 2020

My parents separated and never actually divorced and never communicated. They put me and my little brother in the middle of it. It was horrible. I think the biggest thing is don't put them in the middle of anything, don't say anything negative about your ex to them. Just stress you love them, your ex loves them and that it's not their fault. Maybe go see a counselor together have your children see someone as well. Even though you are divorcing make sure the kiddos are the priority try and remain civil, put ill feelings if any aside.