Dinner planning

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Sam posted this 16 July 2019

Do you meal plan for your family or find it just as exhausting as I do?! When we do plan it's a weight off but I can't seem to plan it this way every single week. Help! Ideas on how to manage this or find motivation?

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Elizabeth posted this 25 September 2019

We meal plan 2 weeks at a time, and also do majority of grocery shopping every 2 weeks. It helps us buy only the food items we need for meals and not go crazy buying junk. It seems daunting but I actually look forward to it because its only one day and makes the rest of the two weeks so much easier since I don't have to decide what I'm making on the spot. Once you get in the groove, it's not bad. 

Kelly posted this 25 September 2019

I wish I was better at meal planning.  When I do it, I love it and wonder why I don't do it all the time.  I think it's like anything, the more you do it, the more you get use to doing it. 

Roxie posted this 16 August 2019

I bought a chest freezer, and I gradually build a stock of homemade freezer meals. I do this several ways. If I can, when I'm cooking something, I will double or triple what I'm making so I can freeze the rest into individual meal servings. Dump freezer meals are the best because you don't have to pre-cook anything. You can just dump your protein and seasonings, etc. into a freezer bag and then pull them out s needed. I have an Instant Pot, which works wonderfully for this, but you can find crock pot recipes as well. For fresh produce that can't be frozen, getting it all pre-prepped on a Sunday makes cooking later in the week much easier. Then you can just grab your carrots, etc. and toss them in instead of having to clean, peel, cut and cook. 

Olivia posted this 07 August 2019

I don't meal plan but plan easy meals to throw into the instant pot or air fryer.

Trisha posted this 06 August 2019

I can’t meal plan lol I’ve tried but it’s just too much time and hassle

Kylie posted this 06 August 2019

I meal plan every two weeks. I make a list of meals for 2 weeks. Go grocery shopping for the things I will need, and then repeat every two weeks. I found it a lot easier. 

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Adrian posted this 06 August 2019

I am the worst at meal planning... So overwhelming to me. I have tried several different ways, but what seems to work best is that I just buy basics that I know I'll use, and cook as simply as possible. Sometimes I'll plan just 3 or 4 meals, and even having that much done helps. We pretty much have a rotation for breakfast - Van's waffles, oatmeal, or banana/egg pancakes, and leftovers or sandwich type stuff for lunch.

I also like one pot or sheet pan meals for dinner - lots of ideas on Pinterest, and they clean up so easy!

Joanna posted this 20 July 2019

I also find meal planning time consuming and exhausting. But, we got an instant pot last year and I use that and my crock pot to make bigger meals in bulk to last us a few days.....we all like leftovers and it allows you not to have to cook every day.