Did breastfeeding help you lose weight??

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Anna posted this 18 March 2019

I know people say breastfeeding helps you slim down after having your baby, but that just hasn’t been the case for me. I know it must be burning calories, and I don’t feel like I’m over eating, but I think I’m slowly gaining weight?? 

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Paige posted this 05 May 2020

For some women it really works, I think it helped some. Mostly the restricted diet I could eat so my kiddo wouldn't get sick from the milk is what helped the most!

Megan posted this 05 May 2020

No, I never really did lose it from breastfeeding. Seems like after a year my body got a clue and then the weight seemed to just come off on its own, especially after I started using an exercise ball every other day.

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Linda posted this 15 April 2020

During the breastfeeding class that I attended, the lactation consultant said breastfeeding can help you burn up to 500 calories. hope it will make me lose the baby weight. we'll see what happens, though I know everybody is different.

Noemi posted this 13 April 2020

I gained weight unfortunately. You just get in the habit of eating more and then you're eating more to breastfeed so it's actually pretty hard to lose anything. 

Carmen posted this 30 September 2019

I am with you on this. EVERYONE told me the weight would just fall off but it didn't happen to me

karlie posted this 29 September 2019

Nursing was one of the biggest ways I lost weight. I still had to track my calories and make sure I didn't overeat because for some reason nursing made me extra hungry. As long as I ate proportionately and nursed the pounds came off. 

Maggie posted this 18 September 2019

For me, I found that I needed to eat extra calories (I tried to be healthy, but not always successful!) when I was both pregnant and nursing.  I started gaining weight when I weaned my babies off breastfeeding because I was used to eating more but I didn't need it anymore.  But each body is made differently.  Don't beat yourself up if you are carrying some extra pounds

Anne posted this 17 September 2019

It does burn calories, but not a ton.  I lost a lot of weight while nursing but suspect it had something to do with hormones as well. 

Katy posted this 17 September 2019

Breastfeeding helps me lose weight in the first 6 months, however it does nothing for my sister. Every body is different...

Jade posted this 15 September 2019

I think people are just different. Breastfeeding made the weight just fall off me (I was always starving and ate frequently and whatever I wanted). I ended up 10 pounds less than before I got pregnant.  When I stopped just a few months ago I immediately gained back about 6-7 pounds.  On the other hand I know some people who's body held onto fat until they were done breastfeeding and then they lost weight. 

amber posted this 15 September 2019

I lost weight dramatically while breast feeding and pumping but my sister in law gained weight and is still struggling to lose weight even after weaning. I think it all depends on the individual. 

Ana posted this 31 August 2019

I am thankful that I decided to breastfeed. I know there are some amazing benefits for breastfeeding your baby, but I really appreciated losing all the baby weight so fast! I think if I didn't breastfeed it would have taken me waaaay longer to lose the weight.

Caroline posted this 30 August 2019

I did lose weight quickly while I was breastfeeding, but I have heard so many women say the opposite. I guess it really does depend on the person! 

Fina posted this 28 August 2019

I think eating healthy is key. You burn up to 500 extra calories a day breastfeeding but it wont matter if you are not eating right!

Brianne posted this 28 August 2019

Every body is different. In my case I was able to drop pregnancy weight by breastfeeding within 2 months post partum with each of my pregnancies. I gained about 40 lbs each time. I am also trying to get more physical activity in. I play outside with my 3 year old, and started doing yoga to work on strengthening my core and back. Keep track of what you're eating each day, and talk to your doctor about it. It is probably just how your body deals with breastfeeding. Maybe once you're done, your body will lose weight more easily. Right now, keeping baby fed is important. Hang in there. 

Caroline posted this 25 August 2019

I did lose weight rather quickly after having my daughter, and I assumed the fact that I was breastfeeding helped the weight come off faster, but I've heard so many mamas say the opposite. I guess it really does depend on the person. 

Susan posted this 23 August 2019

I felt like with my first ,i lost weight very quickly,however,with my second,it took a good year to go back to baseline weight. 

Sophia posted this 23 August 2019

I have not this time but I know I don't eat well. Plus I'm on birth control and haven't been in like 10 years which I know isn't helping. 

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