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Cheryl posted this 25 June 2019

Who all are you letting in the delivery room? I want it to be my husband and I but my mother is super pushy.

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Manda posted this 03 November 2019

I only had my husband in the room and that is exactly what we wanted. If you have someone else you feel comfortable with, by all means, allow them to be in there if it will help you during labor. But do not let anyone push their way in. You are the one having a baby. You have to do what is best for you. 

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Kaylie posted this 22 July 2019

I let my mother in the room because she wouldn't stop hounding me but I seriously regret it. Be an advocate for yourself and your birth plan.

Taylor posted this 22 July 2019

My mom was super pushy about it too, I told her no several times and she still kept trying to convince me to let her use my camera and take birth photos. She even complained to my mother in law that I didn't choose her as my one person to go back with me when I got my c section. My husband obviously was the person I chose!

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Lily posted this 22 July 2019

I only let me husband because to me this is a private thing no matter who it is! Some people are okay with their mom ect, but it should 100% be up to who is delivering the baby! Therefore we kept ours very personal! 

Frannie posted this 21 July 2019

Just me, the hubby, and the midwife. If I decide that I need anyone else in the room once it begins, I will call them at that point. I have no concern for anyone else in the situation, it is a special time between me and my husband and our new baby. Delivery and your baby are not shows for people to stop by and take pictures or partake when they are unwanted, put your foot down and don't allow anyone you're not comfortable with. We are even going so far as to say that each of our parents are getting one guaranteed phone call and if they miss it, oh well. I have bad anxiety and our focus is mine and baby's health, not informing the masses that a baby is arriving. They'll find out soon enough.  

Heather posted this 21 July 2019

I had my fiance, mom and sister in the room with me. My mom and sister kind of stood back and let me and my fiance have our special moments. If you don't want other in the room though you should have it how you want. It is your delivery and your baby and you should be able to experience it how you want to!

Anna posted this 06 July 2019

I had my husband, a supportive friend (who was a nurse), and my mom. This second time it's just gonna be hubby and me plus the midwife.
Maybe telling her that this is a really special bonding time for your marriage (it is!) and explaining that you want to focus on each other might help her let go of "needing" to be there. Maybe a compromise too? Having her around for early labor, and then just hubby until after the baby is born? 

Angie posted this 02 July 2019

I am expecting my mother, husband, and younger sister to be in there with me. I don’t have a preference to who’s there as long as my husband is, everyone else is just extra. While my mom is pushy and would make her way in there if I said no, she would still respect that he needed to be there for me. This is my first pregnancy and I don’t want to go through this without him as he’s been there for me throughout this entire pregnancy and my hormonal ups and downs. I have really bad anxiety and need him to help calm me down when I start freaking out. My sister is there because she is curious and we have a close bond. She asked when I first announced my pregnancy and I said yes. She doesn’t know what she wants in life and this is one of those things that she’s iffy on. 

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Rosa posted this 29 June 2019

Im planning for it to just be my husband and I. We did it before and it was perfect. Labor is an intimate and special moment and it's not meant to share with everyone. I recommend it. 

Callie posted this 29 June 2019

I read an article today about "labor is not a show" and how women feel obligated to entertain and worry about other peoples feelings when a room is over crowded. Do what you are comfortable with.

Lisa posted this 27 June 2019

I wanted my husband and my mom in there. I ended up needing a caesarean after 16 hours of labor so I was only able to have my husband for that. It is such a beautiful/overwhelming moment and you should only have what you want to make you comfortable 

Davie posted this 25 June 2019

If there is only 1 spot allowed with you in the delivery room I would let it be my husband because it is his baby as well. It came out of him first and then into you. You and your husband made the baby, not mom and daughter. Your mom already had her own experience. If dad doesn't want to be there then that's another story but I believe he should have his own decision of whether he gets to be there or not. Without him, this baby wouldn't even exist. I would ask if more than one person can be in the delivery room. I had my husband, mother and mother-in-law in the room during my baby's delivery.

Heather posted this 25 June 2019

Stand your ground. It is your body and you're the one doing all of the work. It can be a really special time for you and your spouse or you and your mom. The choice is yours.