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Sam posted this 3 weeks ago

Does anyone have any date night ideas that don't require the couple to actual leave the house (kids sleeping....obviously can't leave)  We feel like we are sometimes exhausted from having to search for movies on Netflix. 

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Kathryn posted this 3 weeks ago

If you have an Alexa there are a lot of multi-player games you can play on there!  It sounds silly but some of them are kinda fun!  

Angel posted this 3 weeks ago

Netflix and chill .  My husband and I have 3 kiddos, one teenager and two littles.  We usually put them to bed, get some wine and do late night dinner.  We put away all technology and we will play games, chat, or just snuggle with a movie.  <3 It's my favorite thing to do!  We do this once a week!

Maddie posted this 3 weeks ago

Card games? Maybe sit outside and drink some hot-coco? Watch movies?  Do a project together?

Sam posted this 3 weeks ago

We hang out with our neighbors, so we do a group date night! Its fun to have a couple of drinks and roast marshmallows or play games! 

Sarah posted this 3 weeks ago

Dinner and a movie is classic

Jess posted this 3 weeks ago

I like game night. Like bowling or trivia at the local bar

Becky posted this 3 weeks ago

Mix it up a little. We went for a massage and together enjoyed that so much, we were so relaxed after. Another thing... maybe try a place like Dave and Busters, just try something fun and new.

Brooke posted this 3 weeks ago

we like the game heads up, it's an app on your phone it's a fun little game. You can play with more people, we try to see how well we know each other and how many we can get right. 

Donna posted this 3 weeks ago

My husband and I love making dinner together.  I actually bought him a cookbook for Christmas called something like Date Night In!  So we put away our phones and cook recipes out of the book together. 

Leigh posted this 3 weeks ago

We ordered food from one of those delivery services like Fresh or whatever. It came with recipe and food items we hadn't ever tried. Recipe was easy and food was tasty (we preselected from online options). Anyhoo it was fun, easy, interesting and yummy. That plus a netflix movie made for a great evening with restaurant quality food.

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Teresa posted this 3 weeks ago

I gotta say, Netflix is #1 but along with that we will make special snacks