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Teresa posted this 16 July 2019

What are some activities that your dads like to do with the kiddos?

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Leyana posted this 26 November 2019

My husband plays board games with my four year old

Catalina posted this 16 September 2019

My kids' dad doesn't do anything but yell at them most of the time, when his face isn't in his phone. I wonder how I could go about getting him to actually take an interest in his own kids? Lucky ladies in this post!

Mallory posted this 16 September 2019

My husband loves to take the kids fishing, play with them outside or board games.  Also he likes to just be goofy with them, which they seem to like that the best. 

Kylie posted this 06 August 2019

He likes to take my children fishing and to the parks. 

Adrian posted this 06 August 2019

We are walking distance from an ice cream shoppe - they love to go on "dates" for ice cream!

Madi posted this 05 August 2019

Mine loves to do the nightly walks & bedtime stories! I'm home all day with our babe so I let him do those things, although we often do walks together with the dog too! 

Ashley posted this 05 August 2019

They play legos, go to the park & the library! 

Lilliana posted this 04 August 2019

My hubby loves to take our daughter to the park, or the mall in bad weather. They'll even make target runs together which is a good place to run around in the evenings when it's not so crowded

Marissa posted this 20 July 2019

He takes the kids to the park at least twice a week in the evening to throw a ball around and play on the swings. In the winter, they like to play in the snow and he takes them to libraries.

Elise posted this 20 July 2019

My husband loves taking my daughter to the splash pad and children's museum. He's also the one she goes to for reading books, I guess his lap is just more comfortable than mine!