Cold weather clothes

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Sonya posted this 19 October 2019

Any suggestions on clothes that are warm enough to keep the munchkin warm, but not so bulky it creates a safety issue in the car seat? Obviously layering. I grew up in a warm weather climate, so dressing for cold weather isn't something we had to do a lot. It really just meant wearing toe socks with our flip flops. 😂 

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Hazel posted this 31 October 2019

Make sure that you don't put kids in real thick winter coats in the car seat.  It makes the car seat virtually useless.  Instead, you can put them in a thinner jacket, if you won't be outside long.  Or you can look into a car seat poncho.

Madison posted this 31 October 2019

A thin fleece jacket is ideal for the car seat.

A good way to test if your coat is too bulky, is to put your child in the coat, buckle the straps and tighten. Then unbuckle your child (without loosening the straps), take off the jacket, and put your child back in. See how much slack you have. If there is a lot, that jacket isn't safe for the car seat.

If the weather is pretty mild, I'll do a fleece jacket layered with a big coat, then just take off the coat once we get to the car. I am definitely going to look into the car seat ponchos though, they look like the best option! As long as it doesn't compromise the straps, it would be safe.

Josie posted this 31 October 2019

Gap Baby has a nice lighter coat that can either be warm in carseat or not (depending on what other layers a child has underneath)

M posted this 08 November 2019

I love the Patagonia baby jackets. They are just like the adults, not too much bulk but still really warm!

Em posted this 08 November 2019

I love the Patagonia baby jackets. They are just like the adults, not too much bulk but still really warm!

For the same reason I like LL Bean. Quality stuff for babies and kids, not too bulky.

Jay posted this 08 November 2019

I just layer him up and he's fine. I haven't bought anything special for cold weather really

Mahlie posted this 09 November 2019

LL Bean has some great options..  

Liv posted this 09 November 2019

layers are the main thing we do.. and Ive gotten some nice thinner fleece jackets that my girls can wear when they're in their booster seats

Michelle posted this 19 November 2019

Land's End!! Great deals recently - just got some fleece apparel (good for putting on the little one in the car seat since kids can't wear actual large coats in car seat). Got a winter coat as well.  And a bright color too so we can see him at all times! Felt like a good parenting moment right there making those purchases haha.

Sucre posted this 19 November 2019

I've learned that a kids vest (bubble vest) is warm enough for those cold but hard to predict fall/winter and sometimes spring days. It keeps the air off neck and torso and paired with a hoodie can be okay going into cooler nights. I use our vests as often as I use our winter jackets.

Sucre posted this 19 November 2019

Oh and it also doesn't interfere with car seat function because even if it's down it's not that bulky. I get mine at lands end or target.

Allie posted this 20 November 2019

I always do long sleeve onsies with tights underneath with socks and mittens. I will add a blanket if she needs extra warmth. hope that helps!

Sophie posted this 22 November 2019

We always took coat off once we got in the carseat, but before we strapped in - when we lived in an area with cold winters. They say it's dangerous to keep outerwear on in carseat. Watch those cheeks - if they are red, baby/child is too hot. You can always pull into a parking lot, stop, and rearrange your child so they are comfortable. Be aware of the air conditioner/heat in car, too. You could feel fine and baby is freezing or too hot!

Alexandra posted this 24 November 2019

Like you said, layer! There are thin down jackets that keep baby very warm as well.  I always make sure his jacket has a hood too, so that I can put the hood up over a hat for extra warmth.

Liana posted this 24 November 2019

I usually just keep a small blankie in the car for my son.

Michelle posted this 13 February 2020

Land's End brand - hoodies, fleeces.  Seems to work well.

Julie posted this 14 February 2020

If your baby is still in an infant car seat, I love the carseat covers. We had a Snuggly one that was fleeced lined and could zip up to keep them warm from weather and away from germs during cold and flu season. It looked so cozy!

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Nina posted this 18 February 2020

I also recommend carseat covers. They work great and keep them super cozy.

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Kathy posted this 18 February 2020

I use blankets. So I put him in a light footy onesies then layer a blanket on him so I can take it off easily. My child gets hot quick and when he is hot he is mad as hell. haha Plus blankets are a bonus to have if lil has a blow out. 

Taisha posted this 19 February 2020

I like the carseat cover also. At home I put layers on so I can easily adjust to surrounding temp.

Moneek posted this 25 February 2020

When we travel to NY for the winter-- the best remedy has been layers for our little, with a thin hoodie-- so that 2 long sleeved shirts and a thin hoodie...and of course we would take the coat along with us in the car and his little newbie cap, 1 pair of high top socks, boots, and thick pants

You don't want the little guy/girl to get too  hot and start sweating in the car and then take them out into the cold-- this will only make matters worse. Keep in mind not to blast the heater in the car if the little one is dressed in layers as well.

Lydia posted this 26 February 2020

A jacket, hat, mittens and a hood always will keep baby warm and even a blanket

Misty posted this 27 February 2020

I'm from California but we live in the midwest now and this was a major adjustment for me too. It's tough because what they might need to stay warm outside might be too hot or bulky while you're actually in the car, or yes not safe for the car seat. I started bringing a blanket and tucking it over the car seat so she's got extra warmth without being too bulky for car seat safety, and then we just put the jacket on when we get to where we need to go.

Lori posted this 28 February 2020

Carters has the best clothes by far or tj max has the most adorable jackets and sweats!

Regina posted this 04 March 2020

You can get car seat covers/blankets, they even have the ones that has holes for the seatbelts. 

Riley posted this 05 March 2020

I really like layering with fleece onesies, especially the ones with the feet, keeps baby really warm 

Kelly posted this 22 March 2020

i suggest getting a nice warm blanket which you can always take with you specially when you go out.

Claire posted this 23 March 2020

Target has some good warm jackets that aren't too bulky. We also used those car seat covers for infant car seats. 

Katharina posted this 24 March 2020

Infant car seat cover should be enough and/or warm blanket 

WC posted this 24 March 2020

I typically try to use a thin jacket and then put a blanket on top (over the buckle)!